Enchanted Berries and Gobelygook

Another summer vacation spent on the shores of Lake Huron, playing with the kids, biking, swimming, hanging out with friends, reading novels (I read 7 in 2 weeks!!!) or just soaking up the sun on the beach.   Every year’s vacation is different, this year Jason had only one week of holidays, but the kids and I went up a week early and that worked out OK because we had friends at the cottage next to us. I kinda hoped they would help me out a little, but they far exceeded my expectations when they watched my kids swim while Sophia was napping, chased my umbrella down the beach and even had us over for dinner.   I was very blessed.    As an extra bonus, their kids kept our kids occupied all week and they all got along and had a great time playing together. And that’s when Gobelygook juice was born…

Erik and his friend Abby mixed up some kind of juice (lemonaide, water & soda water) and ‘sold’ this drink to the other kids…  and they all actually drank it out of the little Dixie cups from the bathroom.   Soon all sorts of drink stations were popping up around the cottage…

And then not to be out-done, Erik had to bump it up a notch…

He was afraid of someone stealing his oh-so-secret recipe you see and then some other drink’s followed with names that went from bad to worse.    And did you know that orange juice ferments?  I didn’t, until just before we left I found a plastic juice container that was filled about 1/2 way up with orange juice and who knows what else.   It bubbled strangely when I grabbed it and when I opened it, the lid made a loud pop and it fizzed like crazy, and yes, it had definitely turned.    Next time I better keep a closer eye on the kids.

But the kids found lots of other ways to entertain themselves (so mommy could stick her nose in a book. )  One afternoon I gave them garbage bags and watched them dig ponds industriously for ages…. I feel so lucky to have gotten this shot of Sophia…

Of course with daddy (Go Big or Go Home Colley) the digging takes a whole new meaning.  This little project

progressed to this…

which ended up as this…

Our good friends from Michigan were up by then and I admired how 2 grown men could take such pleasure in trying to figure out how to line a big hole in the beach with plastic, keep it in place and fill it up with water. I was very very very proud.

We also do alot of biking at the cottage… there is a historic light-house just the right distance away for biking and while I have in the past made Sarah with her little legs and training wheels bike this, thanks to Grandpa we could pile the girls into a bike trailer this year and that was wonderful and much safer. And Sarah knows that you don’t eat the berries on the bushes on the sides of of the road because as she gravely informed me, they are enchanted.   I think that somehow Disney might have steered her wrong on this one,but if enchanted has the same effect on her as ‘poisonous’ would then I’m pretty sure she won’t eat those berries.

We were sad to leave,  but rested and relaxed with lots of good memories of friends and fun and walks on the beach and playing in the park and watching Erik water-ski.   Although it makes me want to be on permanent vacation in a shack on a lake somewhere, it’s good to be back at home.

Oh and stay tuned for pics of this little monkey’s before and after hair-do!



2 thoughts on “Enchanted Berries and Gobelygook

  1. Her hair is adorable. Christa and I were admiring it today. Erik loved telling me about the water skiing. One day our boys will play together again…

  2. haha, love the drink wars! 🙂 And the awesome beachside “pools”! Great idea with the garbage bags, we’ll have to try that! We are always looking for beach projects, everyone has more fun when we are working at something together! Glad you had such an awesome vacation!!!

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