It’s a whole new world

Yesterday felt weird, really strange.  After I put my three children on the bus for school I was left with one.  One child to take care of for the entire day.   Just ONE.   It kinda threw my whole game off.  Jason thought I should have been extra productive but he doesn’t understand that this is a huge shift for me, I need to adjust.   And this adjusting time might take weeks.   It feels like a whole new world… with endless possibilities of napping, drinking coffee and reading. Ok, Ok, so maybe my focus should be on getting more things accomplished at home and getting some quality one-on-one time with my sweet Sophia, and maybe not more time shopping. I do like the fact that I can spend more time at the school and both Erik’s teacher and William’s teacher don’t mind me bringing Sophia, so yesterday I stayed and helped Will’s teacher for over an hour… I love that I have the freedom now to do that now.

Ok, so I promised some before and after pictures of Sarah.  Here was her hair before…

Then after…

See what a great job layering she did? And how much she chopped off?  And don’t mind the tag from her pj’s… but she didn’t want me to take pictures of her at this point so I took what I could get.

And then here she is Tuesday, the first day of school with her new hair cut…

I’ll admit at this point that we like her new hair cut. It’s really cute, combs out easy and she likes it… which is very important in the grand scheme of things.

And it’s hard to believe that our little girl has started school. She’s been excited for months and loved seeing her class and meeting her teacher Tuesday. But I was still expecting some tears yesterday morning or some clinginess or something for her very first full day of school, but apparently I expected wrong.

We arrived at the bus stop in plenty of time and she played with all the kids so she obviously wasn’t that nervous. And then when the bus pulled up, William grabed Sarah by the hand and brought her over to the bus without a back-ward glance.  I was running after her asking her for a kiss but she was too focused and kinda shooed me away!  So her and William got on the bus – thankfully Erik still asked me for a hug and a kiss before he got on – they found a seat, she gives me a glance and they are off.  It was kinda anti-climatic really.  I thought, “Fine! Go to school and don’t cry for mommy.”  But the nice part was is that I didn’t have to get teary or upset either.   So it really was a win-win situation.

And she had a great day, when I was at the school helping William’s teacher one of Sarah’s teacher’s walked by and said she was doing just fine. That girl is tough and I have a feeling school won’t ever get her down.

Now for an update on the boys.  They are doing great too.  Erik showed up for school the first day with a huge box of school supplies – he wasn’t excited about starting school, but he was excited about the supplies – and he’s adjusting to being with a new teacher in a PORTABLE.  Yuck, but someone’s gotta do it.  And William has a lovely teacher and has his best-buds with him, so he’s pretty much set.

So that is how we are rolling this September, all of us trying to find our new groove and although the weather is crummy, the out-look for this school-year is looking pretty good.

One thought on “It’s a whole new world

  1. I know your not sure but I LOVE her hair that length it looks awesome! The curls are gone though! Got my fingers crossed that the first week is the norm for the school year ahead!

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