Our wonderful (Not Thanksgiving) Weekend

We really enjoy going to the cottage in the fall, but when we went last weekend it was more with the fond hope that the weather would still feel like summer.   It didn’t, until the day we left which seems to be the way things roll at the cottage.     We had taken a few extra days to make it a long weekend and I know that I remarked more than once that if we had brought and cooked a turkey, it could have passed for a Thanksgiving weekend no problem.  The weather when we got there Wednesday night was downright chilly and Thursday was cold and very windy,  but the light was beautiful when the sun managed to peek out from behind the clouds.

When I ran back into the cottage after taking this shot my feet were almost numb, because weather or no weather I refuse to wear socks and shoes on the beach and look like a renter even on a Thursday in mid fall when there isn’t a soul around.  That’s my pride, or maybe it was just me being lazy and not wanting to find my flip-flops.

By the afternoon it had warmed up a little more and we were able to spend more time outside, the kid played in the sand…

suitably bundled of course, and later that night Jason had fun with the camera…

I do enjoy a good landscape photo…

Seriously the clouds and the lake really made us feel like we had suddenly been transported into mid October. So we were thankful when the wind calmed down Thursday night and it was great weather on Friday to do some hiking.

Just a daddy hiking with his girls…

And someone obviously worked very hard to make this bench out of sticks along the trail and as it was a bench made out of sticks on the trail, it had to be sat on by the children and as their parents we dutifully took the picture the situation required..

As an aside, someone was joking the other day about not having pictures of the youngest child. But I have to admit that in all honesty, I probably have MORE pictures of Sophia than of the other kids. Maybe it’s precisely because she is the baby and I feel I have to capture every second before she grows up on me just like the rest of them.

On Friday night we were joined by some good friends with their four kids and their pop-up trailer.   They soon settled right in…

The kids love having other kids to play with and they kept each other entertained for the rest of the weekend which was nice for the parents!

So that was our weekend. Nothing too thrilling or exciting, just a fun relaxing weekend with family and friends not eating turkey and pumpkin pie, which is too bad,  because that would have been delicious.

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