Last jumps of the season

Summer is practically over it’s true.  Although our weather keeps trying to make final come-backs, like this past weekend when it was so warm that although Jason was in the process of closing the pool, the boys had to take some final jumps…

And no, he’s not jumping into an empty pool,  I can’t imagine we’d take a picture of that.

Yes Will, thumbs up to jumping into frigid water, but you are 6 and that explains alot.  It doesn’t explain why when you were goofing off with your brother this morning in the basement when you should have been getting dressed, you –  in your apparent bid to protect yourself  –  grabbed a can of coke, shook it and threw it.    Well all I can say is that after the wrath of God (in the form of your mother) came down upon your head you were suitably sorry for your foolishness.  And I guess at 6 you can be allowed a little foolishness.

It may also have been foolishness for me to buy 2 bushels of pears to can when I already have enough on my plate.  And because it was so warm last weekend they all ripened at once and so I’ve been spending my days and nights canning pears and now the house and I are one big sticky mess.    But I sort of feel a bit Laura Ingalls-ish when I look at all my canning and jam, and just dare the long winter to come this year because we will be just fine living off our canned pears.   Well maybe not but there is something to be said for that good feeling I get  when I look at my full jars on the shelf.

So the pool is closed, the pears are canned, the weather today almost feels like a warm summer day…  but we’re ready for fall!

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