My 100th post!

Not a very exciting title I know, but I am excited that this is my 100th post!   And I’m dedicating this 100th post to my wonderful friend Laura who got married on the weekend!     Here is the lovely bride and her groom right after the ceremony…

And it’s true, they look young, and they are young – well early 20’s –  but they have also been together for a very long time and they are both very mature and wonderful people.   I just can’t say how happy I am for them!

Here are Laura’s three new sister-in-laws, who all looked charming…

There was a lovely dinner and very fun reception and I know that everyone had a wonderful time.  Congratulations Laura and Kyle, we love you very much and wish all God’s blessings heaped upon your marriage!

So Saturday was a very exciting day because of the wedding and for the kids too because we took them to the fall fair that day with Grandma and Grandpa and Jason’s sister and her husband and kids. We were able to stay for the parade and do a few rides with the kids before had to leave for the wedding. Just before we left Jason took the boys on a zero gravity ride and realized right after that that had  been a huge mistake.  He felt so motion sick that it took him quite a few hours, some gravol and a nap to feel better.  It’s just not fun getting old.   Anyway, we left for the wedding but the kids stayed and spent all of Grandpa’s money going on rides and playing games and eating well into the afternoon and loving every minute of it.

And the excitement keeps coming! Today for kicks I got stuck in Sophia’s room when I was putting her down for a nap. I had closed the door so she couldn’t escape on me and when I tried to open the door after I got her all settled I couldn’t… get out….at all. I only panicked for a second until I realized I could go out the window, except her floor is up a bit, not quite a second floor, we are a raised ranch, but high enough. But since I didn’t have a choice, out I went,  landed in the wet muddy ground outside her window with only a  tiny scratch to my surprise and amazement.   So then I went in search of an open door into our house without any luck, so I settled for our garage where I was hoping to find a ladder to get back into the room and a hammer and a chisel to get the hinges off the door. I found the hammer and chisel, but no ladder.    So after checking on Sophia and seeing that she was fast asleep – I knocked on a neighbor’s door and thank goodness he came to the rescue with a ladder. He watched from the ladder as I struggled to take the hinges off but when that didn’t work and I still couldn’t get the door open,  he ended up joining me in Sophia’s room and he spent 1/2 hour taking the door knob off and apart and finally getting free!  Whew… what an adventure! But all’s well that end’s well and we came through that fairly unscathed except that I lost most of my afternoon and anything that I had planned to accomplish.   But that’s nothing, I’m just so thankful for wonderful neighbors!

So I hate to draw this  post to a close,  but now that I’ve gotten all the excitement out it’s time to go and do unexciting things, but I’m still thrilled that I’ve managed 100 posts on this blog!

3 thoughts on “My 100th post!

  1. Just saw this post…. adorable! I feel so honoured to have been featured on your blog! What an awesome day that was… though we never knew the part about Jason being so nauseous haha poor guy!

  2. Aww shucks, it was more that I couldn’t stand to stay in that room when I had so much to do! And you will be totally great and resourceful in the country. I can’t wait to come and visit you out there!

  3. Happy 100!!!!

    Laura and the girls look so beautiful!!
    And I know I’ve already said this in person… but man alive how cool headed and take charge you are! I’d have probably been calling Jon in a panic from a neighbours phone to come and rescue us! 🙂 Guess I’ll have to learn some lessons from you if I’m ever to be a country girl! 🙂

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