This little one…

never ceases to amaze me.  Take for instance this morning;  I came into the bedroom with Sophia as we were getting ready for church and sat down on the bed and looked over and saw  Sarah was arranging the pillows.  Then it dawned on me that the bed was made!    I knew that I didn’t do it and I think Jason has made the bed maybe a dozen times since we’ve been married, so I asked Sarah if she did it.   And you betcha,  she was the one!    Just look at this face…

She’s a worker that one!    In the past couple of weeks she has helped me make pie crusts from start to finish.  She helped me clean out the suburban, vacuuming and scrubbing like a trooper and she is forever asking if she can help me in whatever job I’m doing.

Now that doesn’t mean she will always tidy up when I want her too, but when she’s in the mood, watch out!   But the fact is she likes to keep busy and that was why I knew that she would do great at school this year.    Last year was getting a little tough trying to keep her occupied all day because she is not one to sit down and just play.  At home to keep busy she likes to play board games, play play-dough, play with Sophia and Will, help me bake, fold laundry and paint.  She is a prolific painter.    At school I think she likes everything, but her favorite is painting there too so when their little painting station is open, watch out!  She tends to come home with at least 4 large paintings.  One day I was talking to her about her day at school and she told me that the painting station had been closed that day and she said, “Mommy, do you think that it was closed because I paint so much?”  My sweetie-pie.

And I would like to say that she’s just like me, but although I do enjoy cleaning for seeing the difference between dirty and clean, she’s different, she is a worker like her grandma.   In fact I see so many similarities between her and Jason’s mom that it makes me smile and I know that good things are coming my way!   Just think, she’s this helpful when she’s 4, I bet she’ll be even better at 10 and when she’s a teenager she’ll probably make me retire and take over managing the house altogether.

But one thing is clear, I’ve got a good thing going here.  She’s an amazing kid and I’m glad she’s mine!

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