So yesterday….

Yesterday was kind of a cold and windy day with rain.    Felt like November really.   But after supper I had a DVD that needed to be returned to the library or else I would get fined, so the kids came too.    We actually like to go every week,  the kids get a ton of books and a DVD each and I get books too – gardening, sewing, organizing, decorating…. I get them all.  I don’t always read them, but I have the best intentions when I check them out and I like looking at the covers and then imagining myself doing all these things.

So after supper the kids and I dressed for rain and headed out.   And as the city in all it’s wisdom closed our friendly little neighbourhood library branch a few years ago and opened up a slightly bigger one in a building shared with a YMCA going there can be pretty hectic.  The parking lot is always crowded and you can never get a spot close and people are always in a hurry for some reason.    A hurry to go run on the treadmill?  I don’t get it.

But as we were leaving the library it seemed colder and darker and the rain picked up again I picked Sophia up and hoped that the kids would stay close, but was a little concerned because it was dark and the parking lot was busy.  But as it would happen a woman was putting her coat on just as we were walking out the door and she was commenting on how cute Sophia was.   She was smart, she had borrowed her husband’s bright orange safety coat and you know what… she caught on right away that I had all these kids to herd and she started walking with us and kept the kids together!    I led the way and she appointed herself our guardian through the busy parking lot – good heavens it seemed that all the cars were trying to get out at once and didn’t even want to wait for us –  but she with her bright orange coat helped me get the kids safely to the truck.   I was so grateful and thanked her profusely.  Wasn’t that kind of her?   It’s always nice to be reminded that there are people out there who are willing to help out and lend a hand, but I also see it as God’s provision, that even in the little things like walking through a dark and busy parking lot that He cares us and sent her to keep us safe!  So I was very thankful.

But the evening got less exciting after that because after the kids were in bed and Jason and I were hanging out, the lights went out – because of the wind.  It felt like we were in a December blizzard, or a November gale…  something like that.  But no lights so we were forced to go to bed at a decent time.  Isn’t that just crazy?   So since we were in bed I realized just how tired I was I promptly fell asleep –  much earlier than I normally would.  And and you know what?   I felt rested this morning when the alarm went off at 6:30 – and that almost never happens.    I’m now going to try to contact the power company and ask if they can turn our lights off every night at 10:00 because I apparently need someone else to decide when it’s a good time for me to go to bed.

So not a very exciting night, but maybe it just goes with getting older. I wanted to include a Calvin and Hobbes comic that I found that cracked me up, but since I would have to pay $100 to buy it I thought better of it.  But basically Calvin is bemoaning the fact that it’s 8:00 p.m. and he has to go to bed.   So when Hobbes asks him what he would do if he could stay up, Calvin says he’s not sure but something fun, like whatever his mom and dad get to do… and then it shows his parents sleeping on the couch.

And that my friends  pretty much sums it all up.    (P.S.   You can click here to check it out….)

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