How do I?

So how do I move past the things that I have to do, to get to the things that I want to do?   Seriously, it’s a huge struggle for me!   From the Flylady I have learned to keep the house fairly tidy and organized… routines and my timer have helped immensely in me  keeping up on the boring everyday work that goes with keeping house.   And now with 3 kids in school things are looking up and I seem to have more good days than bad days… good days in that if you dropped by the house it wouldn’t look like a tornado hit it, maybe just a small wind storm.    But even on those days when the house is tidy and laundry not too far behind, I never seem to have the time to hang the pictures back up on the walls that have been off since we painted in August or spend time making cards like I want too!!

See by the time I get the kids up and dressed and fed and out the door for school,  laundry done, house tidied, food cooked, snacks prepared, house cleaned, bills paid and shopping done, there just doesn’t seem to be too much time for anything else.      And then too, I know that if I start into a big project that everything will just go to pot and I’ll be really behind, so maybe part of me is just scared to start.     Evenings aren’t much better – by the time we get the kids all to bed there doesn’t seem much time left in the night to do any worthwhile… even when William does help out by reading a bedtime story to Sophy.   It’s kinda funny that she picked the potty book that night…

Now maybe if I did limit my computer time,  put some priorities on paper and planned better I would get to painting the shelf I want to paint,  find material to make curtains for the living room,  clean out my crawl space and hang those pictures!!!  But like I said, the day-to-day things I have to do just seem to take up all my time, and I don’t even go to work everyday  or home-school my kids like alot of people I know!

So I’m asking you dear reader for advice.  How do you find time to do those extra things that you want to do?   How do you balance keeping the house and redecorating or organizing your house or even doing crafts?  I would love to hear from you… see there are some things that desperately need to get done here and I need all the help I can get!

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