What I learned this week…

I would like to think that I learn a little something every week – so maybe this post will be a recurring theme – but I definitely learned something this past week!   And it’s this… that even though the kids were sure that not playing computer this week would kill them, they survived – in fact I think they thrived!

See Erik and Will were goofing off last Saturday whenever they were supposed to be doing something (shocking I know) and so I took away their computer privileges from Monday morning to Friday after school.    There was some whining, and they occasionally complained they were bored after school when they realized I wasn’t joking, but then they would start to play lego or make up a game to play with each other and then they wouldn’t stop.  They used their imaginations, they created elaborate games, read more for fun, and they made some messes, like when they all played play-dough for an hour or so along with our neighbour…

But the mess was so worth it.  And Jason and I liked the computer-gaming-free week so much that we’ve decided that this is going to be the norm here, which won’t delight the kids, but now I know it won’t really be that big of deal for them.   And William is still allowed to go on his Raz Kids reading program for school and Sarah can do alphabet reading games and Erik can do his school projects on the computer, but I’m so glad to find that they do just fine without the computer to entertain them or to keep them out of my hair.   And it’s great to get the kid’s daily screen time on the week down to less than an hour each day – they still watch a bit of TV, mostly while I’m making supper.

It’s so cool that the kids haven’t lost the ability to just play and entertain them without a screen in front of them, now if I could only learn to do without so much computer time myself!

2 thoughts on “What I learned this week…

    • Yeah! I’m sure it will go better than you think. I reminded the kids today that as of tomorrow morning they are off computer again and they weren’t thrilled, but I have a feeling each week it will get easier and they will forget about it quicker too.

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