They pressed on…

The kids pressed on tonight, through the drizzle and through the rain – and might I add that it really should NOT be allowed to rain on Halloween – and had a great time seeing their friends and collecting candy in spite of it all.   When the rain came at 6:00 pm ( just when the kids were starting their trick-or-treating) Erik was pretty sure that Halloween was  ruined, and looking at what they brought back I kinda wish it had been.

Here they all are raring to go…

We are such a close-knit friendly community here that I always look forward to seeing all of the neighborhood kid’s dressed up, and they didn’t disappoint this year.   I think the bride and her kitty cat deserves special mention….

As well as these little sweeties (doesn’t hurt that they are related!)

And we can’t forget to mention anything StarWars, it seems our friends are on the same wave-length and I love the cute little alien thrown in!

And we can’t forgot the scary pirate –  William’s friend who is 6 years old like him had the face right down pat…

And here’s our little friend who is the same age as Sophia and lives right around the corner… she looked very delicious…

She actually made my night because I had dressed up as Little Bo Peep for fun and she at just 2 1/2 told me that I looked like Princess Peach!  Smart little girly!

So the kids were pretty pumped when they got back and dumped their candy before you could say “Angry bird’s jack-o-   lantern”…

Sophia was happy to sit and munch…

Erik with his loot…

With all that candy – Jason and I felt compelled to help them eat some of it (mostly the chocolate) as we only had the kid’s health in mind, they couldn’t possibly be asked to eat all that junk.   Actually it’s just the right amount of candy (well honestly any candy is too much candy, but this is once a year my friends) which is the benefit of living on a dead-end street with a cul-de-sac attached, it  doesn’t take too long and the kids don’t end up with too much.    Just enough to keep our sugar levels high and constant for about a week until it’s all gone and the whole experience will just be a another happy memory in spite of the rain!

2 thoughts on “They pressed on…

  1. We must live in a parallel universe or something. Angry Bird and Storm Trooper were also present at our house! (but your Angry Bird is way better!)

  2. Those costumes are amazing!!!! Sarah’s pirate though has got to be my fav. Wow!!!

    They all look great. Wish I had gotten to see you… No pics?! 🙂

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