Pink and Brown…

Pink and brown, pink and brown

Oh how I love you, pink and brown!

Last Sunday the girls wore pink and brown to church and I really do love the colour combination of pink and brown.  More than that though, I love the combination of these two little girls together.

We enjoyed another beautiful weather day today and we found ourselves at the end of our street – where it actually dead-ends at a creek – it’s so pretty there that sometimes you might think you were magically transported outside the city…

But no, those houses in the distance are actually on the other side of a major road, so it’s not really quiet or peaceful no matter how much I try to wish otherwise… but we have fun with the leaves there today…

We discovered the last remnants of the milk-weed and Soph loved it…

We loved them even more when Sarah took some home and unleashed them in the living room… here she is here with some crazy hair today courtesy of her bike helmet…

Oh, another great weekend has come to an end, but I’m NOT complaining!  I’m  just glad that we could enjoy every minute of it!

7 thoughts on “Pink and Brown…

  1. Can’t believe you got all that pink on Sarah!! And I LOVE the pic of Soph with the milkweed btw, so pretty!! Glad you guys had a good day! I should have gotten outside to enjoy it, instead I went a little packing crazy. We’ll have to hit the library cause every book in our house are locked away in boxes!

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