November beach walk…

Well it’s November and in my mind the only good thing about November is that it’s 4 weeks you can use to get ready for Christmas.   Not too much happens in November, the weather isn’t typically all that nice and we have never gone anywhere in November (that I can remember).   But this year is different.  This year we have enjoyed lots of sun and higher temps and because of that we decided to head for the cottage for just one night last weekend.    I wasn’t sure this was such a good idea, but what helped convince me in the end was that we could travel so light.  Since the kids are older and Sophia is potty trained, there isn’t much we need to take (gone are the days of lugging diaper-bags and play-pens) and  so I just threw a change of clothes for everyone in a laundry basket, some pj’s and sleeping bags and off we went.    And it was surprisingly nice up there!  It felt very similar to how it did when we were there in April, and we were able to enjoy some time on the beach which seems so odd to me… November almost never conjours up visions of beaches in my head. The kids got out their shovels…

And we went for a nice long walk.   Sophia had her walking stick because at the age of two one is apt to get tired.

And Jason and Sarah and Erik went looking for some of our stone statues that we’ve made on the beach… it looks like they found one!

And we had a tiny bit of excitement later in the afternoon when we were cuddled up in the cottage warming up after being outside (the pics might make it look nice and warm, but the wind was a little chilly) and the kids had been playing games and Jay and I were reading.   Sophia came over to me and complained about her nose.  I just figured her nose was stuffed up because of the cold she was getting, but she was quite upset and persistent and I did take notice when she asked for a knife so she could cut it off.    As in, cut your nose off Sophy?  Not a typical two-year old request.  And just was I was beginning to wonder I caught a glimpse up her nose and yes,  there was something up her nose –  a white battleship peg to be exact.  Oh dear.  So I panicked, but thankfully I was able to find Jason some tweezers through my panic.  And he calmly and deftly removed the peg and all was well again.    However,  when I was related this story to my friend Christa, she told me that a better way to remove foreign objects from children’s noses (and this method is  endorsed by the medical community)  is  to put your mouth over your child’s mouth, plug the nostril that isn’t plugged by the object and blow for all you are worth.   That should cause the bean, peg, pea, or whatever else your child has seen fit to shove up their nose, to come flying right out!  At least I think that is how she said to do it.   You might want to google that before you try it.

So that was our little trip away in November.    It was nice to spend time with Jay and the kids and just get away for a night.  We are pretty blessed to have a place to go to when we feel the need to get away.

And talking about getting away, we have a team from our church right now in Nepal!  They are visiting our sister Harvest church there and blogging about their trip.  It is FAR more exciting than my blog, so if you are craving some adventure, check it out!

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