There is room for friends

I will be the first to admit I don’t have much talent in the home decorating arena.  I need help picking out paint colours – as in professional help – and with help from friends and family I can kinda limp along in the placing of furniture etc.  I actually think Jason has better taste than me.    But, I like to read the home-decorating blogs and I like to keep up on what the do-it-yourself people are up too, and slowly I’ve been getting some ideas of my own.   I never said they were good ideas, but they were ideas none the less.  Couple all this with the fact that I don’t like spending money on home furnishings unless I have too and well, the end result is that our home is comfortable and nice rather than elegant and refined, but I’m fine with that.

And then once in a while I look at some area of my house and know that something needs to be done.  Since I’m getting a little braver about tackling these projects I just dove (or is it dived?) right in to updating this shelf…

Look at it, oh so cluttered, oh so random and hadn’t been painted in years.   Then we  had these sliding glass doors that made it look like it belonged back in the 70’s.

So I primed it…

Painted the back a contrast colour just a bit darker than our walls and did the rest white…

Then I tried hard to put only things back that I liked….

And even though it’s just me trying to place things nicely on shelves, I believe it’s a huge improvement and it definitely doesn’t look as dated.

And best of all, it contains one of my prized possessions, which I grew up loving and my mom was so nice to give it to me a while back…

And in the end, that’s really why I want my house to look nice anyway –  for friends  – and that’s all I care!

4 thoughts on “There is room for friends

  1. What a beautiful job Lisa! I like all of the containers which I am sure are used regularly for home cooking. Great idea and very inspiring! I agree the red accents are well placed and set off by the contrasting background colour. What is next?

  2. Lovely. I like the touch of red.
    Since I got that little container from my mother, it is fitting that you have it now. I always liked its message of room for friends too.

    Love, mom

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