I’m a nut…

So I’m kinda freaking out here that Christmas is in 26 days and I don’t have my tree up, no cookies made, no Christmas cards done,  this cool advent thing that I wanted to do with the kids not done (oops – that’s for tomorrow!!!!).  Christmas food for two Christmas parties not bought, cooked or baked.   Presents not bought, and the ones that are bought aren’t wrapped,  and yet today I fixed our old brown blanket/throw.   It’s not even picture worthy.  Now in my defense it was Jason’s grandpa’s, everyone loves it and I didn’t want it to get worse, but it’s been broken for ages… so I had to fix it today?  Really?   And then tomorrow my mom is coming to help me make curtains for my living room.    We have lived here for 7 years and I still don’t have proper curtains,  but tomorrow, December 1st?     And even though I am going to love having them done for Christmas… I think I officially need my head examined.

But I’m still hopeful, from this point on by God’s grace and some careful planing I still might be able to fudge it all and somehow be ready for a peaceful, joyful Christmas.   Hopefully all you readers are doing better than me!!!

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