Cookie and cousin fun

Well the first weekend in December is drawing to a close, but we had a great weekend and filled it fill with Christmasy things, even is those things did not include playing in the snow.  William is a little disgusted that we don’t have any snow yet,  he said we should pray about it because how is one supposed to feel Christmasy without snow?    Good question.  But we tried our hardest when we made our Christmas cookies Saturday morning.   And it was classic, before we had even begun, someone spilt the sprinkles….

And just like years past, the kids ‘paint’ the cookies before we bake them.   We paint them with an edible egg tempura that I make simply by combining food colouring and  egg yokes (you can’t taste it) and then they decorate them with sprinkles if they want.    The best part of this process is that I roll out the dough and cut it and just give them the shapes they ask for.  That worked well for the rest of them, but not this one…

She was much more interested in the dough.  I think she thought it was just a yummy sort of play-dough, I let her have some to play with and she made lots of shapes like ‘a pile of leaves’ and then processed to just sit eat her ‘play-dough’.   She definitely enjoyed herself and would probably give Christmas cookie making a thumbs up if I asked her how she liked it.

The others happily painted their cookies…

And here are some finished cookies…

Lots of food colouring fun!  Yee haa!    But it worked out because then the kids had lots of cookies to share with their cousins who came to spend the afternoon.     It’s a deal we do every December, my older brother Jason and his wife Shelly take our kids one Saturday and we get theirs one Saturday.  The kids love it, it gives the adults some time to get things done and it’s a win-win situation.  So there was lots of playing and crafting and even some sand-box time…

Nothing screams ‘Christmastime’ more than playing in a sandbox in December.   But it was nice to enjoy the kinda nice weather – as in nice for December when there really should be snow. 🙂

And then today we got our tree up!

So one minute the tree was up and almost fully decorated and then the next minute it was down… as in it fell.    I had left the room for a moment and then I heard it come down.  Poor Will and Sarah were shaken up by our tipping tree,  but after daddy secured it to the wall they ventured back to hang a few more ornaments.   As I’m looking at the tree I don’t think that it will ever be the same again,  but would you be if you fell over full of lights and ornaments?    But maybe it’s Ok that the kids have a good healthy fear of the tree – that way I know that no one will be trying to climb it behind my back.  🙂

And now as this weekend is coming to a close  my boys are watching Punkin Chunkin with their dad… a great way to end a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Cookie and cousin fun

  1. All of the children are quite the artists. You are a great mom Lisa for investing so much in your kids – hope they enjoyed it as well.
    Best wishes,

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