Don’t get too excited…

So I’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas and it’s shoving blogging down in my priority list, but I thought I’d share a few odds and ends of what’s been happening.

We had a Christmas party here Saturday night and it was alot of fun.    We had a great time with lots of friends and as an added bonus our house is all spruced up and sparkly clean in time for Christmas.   Well it’s spruced up,  but with 4 kids, the clean part is already out the window.    We did get a few extra projects  done like new lights in the kitchen and pictures up on walls – projects that we never seem to have time for until we want to have our house look nice for others.  Isn’t that always the way?  Jason says we need to have a summer party now too as he was so pleased with our indoor results, I think he wants to try it on the outdoors.

And the kid’s school field trips seem to be multiplying rapidly.    I was able to skip a field trip today but I’m back on one tomorrow and then next week I have two!  And with school going right up until Christmas I can understand that the teachers like to keep the kids occupied and I enjoy going along, most times. 🙂

Last night we did Christmas with friends of ours and as she enjoys natural things, one of her gifts was a bar of natural soap that my uncle had made.     The kids all knew what it was and as she was tearing off the wrapping Erik said to her,  “Don’t get too excited” which made me laugh.   I think he was really afraid she would be disappointed, I mean, come on, it was soap!  I’m not sure there is an 8-year-old boy out there who would think that was a good gift.  In fact, Erik would probably happily live without soap if he could…  and without hair-cuts and getting his nails clipped as well.     They all assure me this will change one day.

And this week William has decided that he shouldn’t come home for lunch anymore.  He explained that when he does he gets too “attracted” to being at home and doesn’t want to go back to school.    I thought it was a very wise decision on his part.  Especially since last week he did come home and right before he had to go back he  got really really upset because he said he couldn’t draw a man in his underwear.   This stumped me for a while and as all of our efforts to calm him failed, I said I would go and talk to his teacher.   Poor William pulled himself together and at least wasn’t teary anymore when I talked to his teacher.  She  was a little astonished that he was upset because it was his idea!  They were drawing pictures of things you better not let Santa catch you doing and William thought that you better not let Santa catch you outside in your underwear?!!    But his teacher is a quick thinker and suggested Will draw a man in his clothes holding his underwear and voila… sunshine again.    Oh my 6 year old.

So those are my notes… Ok – I just put the kids candy in their advent calendar before I finished this (I can’t fill all the days at once because Sarah would eat all the candy) and I just realized there are only 12 more days until Christmas… now that’s worth getting excited about!

One thought on “Don’t get too excited…

  1. Lovely! I enjoy reading about the kids comments, too cute!! And I wholeheartedly agree about the party thing, house feels so good afterwards!! (we’re down with the stomach flu here 😦 thus I haven’t called to arrange a coffee…hopefully soon! pray for us if you think of it, as Dwight is gone and I’m super tired!! )

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