The Great Fish Stick Tail (oops I mean tale)

The count-down to Christmas is upon us, and although I believe that I’m reconciled to the fact that it will be a green Christmas, I’m not reconciled to the fact that I have yet another cold.    In the olden days they said that a green Christmas meant a  fat graveyard…  scary thought… probably because when it’s warm this time of year the cold and flu bugs don’t get frozen to death and instead get shared as merrily as Christmas cheer to all of us stuck inside because of the rain.    Thank goodness for modern medicine and hand-washing and all that jazz, I’m hoping our graveyards will stay thin.

But we are still excited about Christmas coming and we had Sarah’s Christmas concert at school last night.   And I use the term concert loosely, because if 1000 parents crammed into a gym meant to hold 500 sit and listen to their kindergartener sing 2 songs and then pack up and leave to make room for the parents still waiting to get in, than that’s what it was, a Christmas concert.  But it was very cute and I’m glad we got to see Sarah belting out her songs and see her cousin do some super-spiffy dancing.

And we’ve had a ton on the go this week already, I went skating twice, first with William’s class and then with Erik’s and then yesterday Sophia and I did a big power shop which means I almost have everything for Christmas.  But now today I’ve just crashed and although I should be cleaning my house to get ready for Christmas  – that’s just not motivating me!!!!  So I’m eating homemade carrot soup and thinking of things to do to avoid cleaning, which made me think of the fish-sticks and anything involving fish-sticks is automatically blog worthy – that is well known.   I wanted to share because I hope I’m not the only one who has taken 4 boxes of fish-sticks out of the freezer, forgot to put them back and left them to rot for a month?  Am I?  Please tell me that you’ve done this too.

See fish stick and french fries (and salad of course) is my go-to meal when I don’t feel like cooking or things get busy.  We only eat it a couple times a month and the kids like it, although probably half the time they think it’s chicken.  (Just like last night I pan-fried salmon and we ate it on buns and Sarah kept complaining that her chicken was falling off her bun).

And I have to explain that I have an extra freezer in Jason’s garage that he tolerates, just like he tolerates the potatoes from the garden stored in there as well.   So a while back when I started to smell a funky smell whenever I walked in the garage,  I was sure that there was a just a rotten potato lurking somewhere that I couldn’t find.     And then it came,  the fateful night when I was looking for the fish-sticks and they were not to be found.  I went back and forth between freezers about a millions times and finally clued in that I wasn’t losing my mind, they just weren’t there.    So where the heck were they?   And then I saw them,  in Jason’s garage stacked nice and neatly on one of his tool cabinets happily rotting away.

So much for my four boxes of fish-sticks and “Hello that’s what I’ve been smelling!”    It’s a shame that I’m such a distracted person capable of such doing such shocking things, but I guess I shouldn’t pine to much for my fish-sticks, breaded fish in a box.  There are bigger fish to fry…. like Christmas… just 3 more sleeps!!!!

7 thoughts on “The Great Fish Stick Tail (oops I mean tale)

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I too have bought fish sticks and defrosted only to change my mind and put them back in the freezer to get freezer burn. They are not my favourite food -need a heap of fries to make them more palatable.
    Thanks for sharing this and all your other family tales this past year.
    Best wishes for a happy and healthy (hope the soup did the trick) Christmas!

  2. Better than the guy I know who left three frozen turkeys in the trunk of his car in the summer and forgot for a few weeks. Then he was speeding and got pulled over by the police who asked to look in his trunk. He remembered, then said, “Oh, you don’t want to look in there!” That made his ticket worthwhile in his mind…

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