Oh Christmas tree…

oh Christmas tree… why are you dropping little half-alive little bugs that might be little spiders, or aphids or something?  Why Christmas tree, why?

See this is what you get for having a real Christmas tree, you sometimes bring wild-life indoors, as Clark Griswold could also tell you.   Google assures me that it’s just things hatching that wouldn’t normally hatch until spring if the  Christmas tree had stayed in the forest.  But it did not stay in the forest, we brought it inside and things DID start to hatch and that meant Christmas morning  saw some sap and bug covered presents  – definitely a first for me.    No one seemed to mind, we took it all in stride, and if I do a post in a month that we are infested with an unknown insect, I guess no one will be surprised.

We did have a lovely Christmas, although I’m not sure where it went.  It was all so busy and fun that it just zoomed right by, and since Sarah is still singing, “Santa Claus is coming to town”,  these past few days there have been times I wasn’t sure whether I was coming or I was going.

Here are some highlights from our 3 Christmas’s including…

My son Erik the football…

Thank goodness for pictures!   I can see that I was there and that we did do it and that we all had a marvelous time.

So even though the snow didn’t come until after Christmas and my Christmas tree is still giving me presents of bugs (why haven’t I gotten that darn thing out of here yet???)  I’m really kinda sad that we now have to wait a whole year to do it all again.

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