Oh dear, the mornings of sleeping in until 8:00, staying in my pjs until mid morning and feeding the kids breakfast anywhere from 7:00 am to 11:00 am are coming to an end.  Yes, Christmas vacation is officially over and although we had a pleasant run I really feel at this point that getting back into routine has its benefits as well.

Yesterday was all about taking down the tent and getting the house back in order.  “Take down the tent?”  you ask…. yes, we took down the tent.  When we took down our spider infested Christmas tree, we put up a tent in its place so the kids could sleep in it New Year’s eve – they were pretty pumped.   And then because they loved it so much they slept in it pretty much all week… hey, whatever floats their boat,  and we were just happy to oblige.

The picture includes Sophia which is a little misleading, I’m not sure she ever spent a full-night in the tent.  It’s become apparent that she can be a turkey because when she was in the tent everyone was awake and as soon as we would take her out of the equation,  everyone would fall asleep.    Silly little Sophy.

But the time didn’t all go to waste lounging around, I learned a new skill from my uncle this week, I learned how to make soap!  I’m always tickled when I learn to make something that previously I’ve always had to buy, like taco seasoning… but I’ve always been a little leery of attempting soap because it’s a teensy bit dangerous, working with lye and all.  Lye is very caustic but very important in soap making as it is alkaline and when mixed with oil or fat it causes a chemical reaction that results in saponification which results in soap!  Exciting!!   Well at least to me.  I choose to go with straight olive oil soap just because, and I was happy to see that soap making is  actually a fairly straight-forward process and if you are careful with the lye and wear lots of protective gear, it’s not as bad as I feared.   So thanks to my uncle’s  excellent tutelage (and the fact that he did most of the work as I watched) I now have a whole batch of beautiful natural soap that smells like lemon grass – the essential oil that we added.   We shall certainly be very naturally clean for a long while.

I wish I had lots of other exciting things to report on, but because all of us except for William had a bout with a mild flu bug this holiday we kept things fairly low-key.   And since the weather has been most uncooperative we didn’t even have a ton of fun outside.  But it’s all good,   I know the kids had a wonderful time because they aren’t crazy about going back to school tomorrow,  but I’ll just have to remind them that now we can start the count-down to summer holidays and mommy can finally start to get some things done around here!

3 thoughts on “Soap!

  1. I’m VERY impressed! 🙂
    I buy pure olive oil soap always…now I buy from a place called “JayDancin” in Lambeth…all natural products…soaps/creams/make up etc, and very reasonably priced which blew me away! BUT…I’d love to learn how to make my own soap sometime! One of those things I’d just like to do…just tack it on to the rest of the “would like to do” list.

    • Hey Jen! I’ve never been to JayDancin, but have wanted to go for sometime… but the recipe we used to make the soap was theirs!!! Cool huh? So eventually when I get all the equipment and am set-up to make it here I’ll be able to teach others, so then you can mark soap-making off of your list. 🙂

  2. I love reading your blog!! Buttermilk, homemade soap…I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times: You are a wonderful Mom!! You will definitely have to teach me how to make soap! Anyway, I hope your kids have a great “first day back” tomorrow!!

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