Some pics…

There has been nothing exciting going on here (that I can blog about!) so instead I’m going to show you some pictures of the kids.  Sorry for being so boring, but it’s because I decided the other day that from now on I’m going to be a tidy person who’s house is always neat.

But I’m finding that having a tidy house is very time consuming and doesn’t leave much time for other exciting things.   It would probably help if I told the children that they were now tidy as well.    Can you do that?   Can you just inform your children that they now are tidy and like to put things back in their place?  I wonder.

Today I did go down in my crawl-space (oh the dreaded, horrid crawl-space) and I tided it up and got rid of about 3 garbage bags worth of stuff – which feels fantastic.  But we don’t live in our crawl-space and so ultimately it’s not going to help me in my quest, but now I will have a tidy space to store more stuff.  Is that a win-win situation?

But I press on to declutter and be tidy and hopefully in this I will succeed.

Anyway here are the pics I promised…

This little one is days away from turning 5!  Five years old, I can’t believe it!

This one still pulls my heart-strings, makes me laugh and is getting a little lippy – it’s kinda funny/cute/horrid what kids learn from older siblings!

This one still lives in a land of extremes, happy and sweet one minute and very upset and not sweet the next – and then happy again – he for one is never boring.

And this one keeping busy building complex lego and calling me from school with new ailments pretty sure that he really does need to come home this time.

I sometimes think my kids are the most exciting things about me… it’s true, isn’t it?

But now this tidy girls needs to get to her tidy bed and get some tidy sleep.  Good night!

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