Happy Birthday Sarah!

Really, another year already?  It seems just yesterday that I did Sarah’s last birthday post, and here’s another one.   But there is no standing in the way of time…. our girl is 5!

And even though we’ve shied away from parties over the years – we decided to embrace chaos this year and invite the little girls from our neighbourhood (we’re tight here in this neck-of-the-woods) and have a tea-partying, craft making and cupcake decorations whale of a good time, woohoo!!!

Our littlest party guest wasn’t hungry for pizza, but the cupcake toppings definitely appealed to her… caught you in the act you little monkey!

Then last night we finished off Sarah’s birthday with grandma and grandpa and her aunt and uncle and cousins… more cake, more presents, more fun!

And now that I’ve stuffed Sarah and the kids with more sugar and cake then I thought was possible,  it’s time to just sit back and enjoy more time with this wonderful, spunky, but crazily enough, shy, 5-year-old.

Happy Birthday Sarah!  We love you!

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