Winter-time yarn

The winter-time always makes me want to get out some yarn and this winter was no different.  And so  here is a small project I just completed,  a little scarf for Sophia…

I bought this yarn last year and actually had crocheted a hat for the girls, but it was so chunky the hat looked funny, so I unraveled it and knitted a scarf instead.    It took a while to figure out how I wanted to knit it up,  but after many attempts I decided that a garter stitch suited the yarn the best and as a bonus, the size I wanted was only 9 stitches across!  And I learned how to do a crochet cast-off, which resulted in a nice braid end which matched the other end which was nice.

So I’m pleased with this quick and easy project.   And I’m a girl who likes quick and easy.   I get bored easily and although once I did knit a vest (it was awful)  I can’t see me every attempting to knit a sweater because I would lose interest after a few rows.   I can say that in all honesty because of this…..

A crocheted afghan that I started probably 13 years ago and is still not finished!!!!   It’s embarrassing really.     Back when I started it years and years ago,  it was supposed to be for Jason and I had matched the colours to a fleece that he gave me and I thought that would just be so nice.   Well it was rather nice in a way, wasn’t it?

So this baby got pulled out of the crawl-space a few weeks ago when I was de-cluttering and I decided that I am storing it no longer!  I refuse!  But then I ended up with  a dilemma because what does one do with an unfinished afghan?    I guess I’m just going to have to finish it,   I must.    So even though I’ve only averaged 6 rows a year, I’m happy to report that I am close to finishing it and this is going to be the year it gets done.

But then that brings me to another question,  what do I do with it when I do finish it?   We don’t need any more throws around here and I don’t think Jason has any emotional attachments to it, although he does bug me mercilessly about it every time he sees it.     I guess if it actually does get done this year, it will be up for grabs.  So if anyone wants it just let know.   If no one wants it,  I just can’t say what will happen to it… and the poor thing really does deserve a good home.

Well I better get back to it, with another thaw coming tomorrow my winter urge to knit or crochet might leave me and we can’t have that!

2 thoughts on “Winter-time yarn

  1. I have a basket by the fireplace containing a ball of yarn and knitting needles…this was the winter I was going to start knitting. I started…but some how that basket is not filling up with a scarf…but dust bunnies instead!

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