Four things I would recommend….

1.   If you like reading blogs, I would recommend my friend Christa’s blog over at Sodemanland.    She is a mom and a deep thinker (definitely deeper than I!) and her blog is thought provoking and honest.   She posts a wide variety of things to keep it interesting and it certainly keeps you coming back for more.

2.  If you own a central vac and have a sock on your hose –  I would recommend that you take that sock off the hose and wash it more than once every 6 years.  If you do happen to leave the sock on for 6 years and then decide to wash it, it will  be so dirty that the rinse water will practically turn to mud and you will marvel at the fact that every time you were trying to clean your floors by vacuuming them you weren’t helping the cause by dragging this horridly dirty object all over them.  ( I wouldn’t have any experience in this area… none whatsoever.)

3.  If you like to read, I would highly recommend reading the book “Lies Women Believe and then Turth that sets them free“.  An amazing book by  Nancy Leigh DeMoss.     The basic premise is that Satan who is the father of all lies, first started testing his wares on Eve in the garden of Eden and look what he accomplished.   He’s still lying to us now and telling us things like ‘I need a husband to be happy’ or that ‘If my circumstances were different I would be different’ and a biggie… ‘I can’t control my emotions’.    She points out that these are lies… all LIES!!!!   It’s time to combat those lies with the truth –  the truth that’s found in the Bible – God’s word.  It’s a very freeing book.

4.  My last recommendation for today…. if you have a sore throat that goes on for a week – and you go to the doctor after 6 days and she doesn’t think it’s strep because even though your throat is fire-engine red she doesn’t see any pus (yuk!).   I would recommend going home and mixing 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water, then gargling a tablespoon or so of this liquid once every hour for a full day (swallowing a bit at the end – oh don’t give me that – you’ll survive).   And if you are oh-so-fortunate like myself,  that annoyingly very sore throat might completely disappear!!

So there you go… I think I like this recommending things, it might just become a regular feature. 🙂

Catch-up notes…

So we found out something interesting Saturday night… we found out that if a boy runs to his room, trips on his closet door and goes head first into his brothers bedpost, he will crack his head open and have to go to the hospital and get 5 stitches!  True story.      It was Erik… and he’s the one out of all my kids that takes getting hurt the most seriously.   On the way to the hospital while he was shaking like a leaf he said pitifully.. “I always thought this was something that would happen to someone else… not me!”  But he was a trooper through the whole thing and it really helps that I can use a trip to the Dollar Store as a bribe – he took me up on that already by the way.

And then Monday we enjoyed ‘Family day’ as the bedroom and bathroom we’re renovating in the basement was being dry-walled.   Nothing like some hammering and banging going on in the background to make a day extra-special. 🙂  But I’m not complaining,  because as anyone knows who has lived through a renovation, getting that project done is what it’s all about!   And I’m so looking forward to having our bathroom downstairs back… well back is not the right word…  completely and utterly replaced would be more appropriate.   It will be wonderful where the last one was awful and it’s worth the mess and noise right now.

And I don’t know why I haven’t been blogging like I should be… other than to say that February has been busy.   Can I really be saying that?   I used to look forward to February, the month where nothing happens and you have time to do the things you want to do.    That’s what I used to think,  but the days keep slipping by so fast that I just don’t seem to have the time for all the things I would like to do, let alone the things that should be getting done…  spring cleaning anyone?

I have been finding time to do some more crocheting however.  It’s funny that I  always find a way to sneak in reading of novels  or some pet project even when things are busy.   Perhaps it plays a small part in keeping my sanity… but here is a hat I crocheted recently…

And thanks to my neighbour who showed me how her hat worked… the flower is removable… fun huh?

So that’s what’s been going on with us… a little bit of exciting… alot of boring… but at least now I’m caught up!

Kakabeka Falls

Isn’t that just a great name… Kakabeka?  It’s so smooth, it kinda just flows off your tongue.   And now I can proudly say that I’ve seen Kakabeka falls pictured here in their frozen glory…

The falls are just outside of Thunder Bay where Jay and I just spent a wonderful relaxing weekend visiting our friends Katie and Dave and their kids.    Thunder Bay is a neat place, there are mountains and a sleeping giant and a wind-chill that blows right through you and leaves you cold for days.   Just kidding…  it was cold and I was a wimp but I have this lousy winter and it’s plethora of  above freezing temps to blame… my body is not adjusted to the cold.

It’s weird but Calgary is actually further north than Thunder Bay, even though TB is still a ways away from here.  But thankfully we could fly there with Dave who is a pilot for Porter Airlines,  as  a 17 hour drive around Lake Superior would really not be practical  for a weekend away.

While we were there the kids had a great time being cared for and entertained by Oma and then Grandma and Grandpa.  The kids were pretty sure they were going to miss us terribly – although we were confident otherwise – and sure enough we were right, they had a marvelous time.   Phew…  so now we can get busy planning our next getaway.  HA!

And then it was Valentines day.    The kids stayed home with me Monday and we spent the day making last-minute Valentines because I wasn’t organized to make them last week.    We found the ideas here and I think they turned out just fine….

Sucker flowers for the girls and “You’re a blast ” rockets for the boys…  it’s just that we had to make about 30 of each so it took a while so even though it looked like a tornado had gone through the house when we were through,  we had a good time.

Yesterday for Valentines I took the opportunity to fully top off the kids sugar levels by baking a valentines cake for dessert.      And it’s true that even though I enjoyed seeing the sights of Thunder Bay and spending time with our friends, east, west, north, south, being at home is always the best!

One of the perks…

Of the warmer weather in February is that Erik can now host and perform in his outdoor concerts again.  So on Saturday we were blessed by a concert loving all put together by Erik.  He started getting ready for it in the morning and we found out that he had given himself a deadline for when it all should be completed… 2:00 pm.   So by then all the elements needed were in place;  chairs, a  sheet hung over a rope and of course the iPod and some speakers.

And then at concert time he impressed us (well me) with some top-rated lip syncing…

His roadie may have a been a bit reluctant, but he got the job done…

The audience started to feel the nip in the air and although they enjoyed the first song, were reluctant to sit around for the second and third…

Erik may have been a little put-out that we wanted to go inside and warm up.   He told us that he had done all this work for our benefit and that it just wasn’t appreciated like it should have been.

But it was Erik, it really was….   but we were sitting outside in February after all. 🙂


So thinking of yesterday,  I just have to wonder, if a day in February can be that nice, what on earth will March be like?    Will we be at the beach?  Getting out our summer clothes?  Or maybe March will finally be the month that the jet stream wavers and allows that arctic air to finally come down to us?  (Ok yes, my nerdy self looked up why it’s been so warm and found a great explanation here.)

Never in my life (that I can remember) have I enjoyed a February day so sunny and so devoid of snow that it really felt like spring.   To enjoy the weather yesterday, the kids and I walked to the high school track near our house so the kids could run around and we could try to fly a kite Erik made.   The kite didn’t fly, it almost maimed me,  and we didn’t stay as long as we could have, but it was certainly nice to be outside.   And it was super great to give William the opportunity to run around the track a few times to try to burn some beans off – as if that is ever possible.

And the kids were able to play outside again today with Jay and that was great because I got in a nice Sunday afternoon nap and everyone knows there is no better nap than a Sunday afternoon nap.  And when I woke up it was so peaceful and quiet with the kids outside… heavenly. 🙂   And that’s cool because I’ve been thinking about peace all week.

The reason I’ve been thinking about peace is because our pastor Norm preached a wonderful sermon last week on how as Christian’s our identity is in Christ.   That means we are to put on Christ’s character (Colossians 3:14-17) and we are to let the peace of Christ rule in us.   He had explained earlier that we put on Christ’s character like we put on clothes, things like compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.   Then love comes along and binds these things all together like a big belt.

But peace, peace is to rule in our hearts.     Hmmm, now take for example my heart on a daily basis.  There are a few things that bother me  such as when things don’t happen when I want them to happen.   My typical response would be frustration,  but if Christ’s peace is ruling in me,  then I can rest in that, knowing that I can wait for His perfect timing for things to happen.

Then there are people who are not doing things that I want them to be doing (like children haha).   And again, rather than getting angry with them,  I can rest in God’s peace and give all these things to Him realizing that  I am not in control of other people in my life (even though I probably should be in control of my kids!) and I have to sit back and let Him do His will in their lives.

Then there are the trips by air-plane to think about (I hate flying!) and test results to come back from dr’s which could lead to fear, but rather I think I will choose peace… see how this works?

“And how does God’s peace rule?”  you ask?   Well God’s peace is defined by Matthew Henry as an umpire residing in our hearts who decides matters for us.  As I pointed out, my earthy self would often choose anger, frustration, impatience or fear, but when I choose God’s peace, it means I can trust in Him and allow Him to work it all out forget all those negative things and relax!  Yahoo for peace!  🙂

So the weather is good, it might turn bad, it might do whatever crazy thing it’s going to do.  Things might not happen when I want.  I might do wrong to someone, they might do wrong to me.   The plane might lose an engine while flying ((ACK!!!! and more on that later) or the dr’s office might have some crazy news on why I’ve been attempting to cough up a lung since November, but in all of this, thanks be to God’s incredible mercy towards me and His free gift of love, I can have peace!

And that my friends is more incredibly amazing then the weather we have been having, wouldn’t you agree?