Kakabeka Falls

Isn’t that just a great name… Kakabeka?  It’s so smooth, it kinda just flows off your tongue.   And now I can proudly say that I’ve seen Kakabeka falls pictured here in their frozen glory…

The falls are just outside of Thunder Bay where Jay and I just spent a wonderful relaxing weekend visiting our friends Katie and Dave and their kids.    Thunder Bay is a neat place, there are mountains and a sleeping giant and a wind-chill that blows right through you and leaves you cold for days.   Just kidding…  it was cold and I was a wimp but I have this lousy winter and it’s plethora of  above freezing temps to blame… my body is not adjusted to the cold.

It’s weird but Calgary is actually further north than Thunder Bay, even though TB is still a ways away from here.  But thankfully we could fly there with Dave who is a pilot for Porter Airlines,  as  a 17 hour drive around Lake Superior would really not be practical  for a weekend away.

While we were there the kids had a great time being cared for and entertained by Oma and then Grandma and Grandpa.  The kids were pretty sure they were going to miss us terribly – although we were confident otherwise – and sure enough we were right, they had a marvelous time.   Phew…  so now we can get busy planning our next getaway.  HA!

And then it was Valentines day.    The kids stayed home with me Monday and we spent the day making last-minute Valentines because I wasn’t organized to make them last week.    We found the ideas here and I think they turned out just fine….

Sucker flowers for the girls and “You’re a blast ” rockets for the boys…  it’s just that we had to make about 30 of each so it took a while so even though it looked like a tornado had gone through the house when we were through,  we had a good time.

Yesterday for Valentines I took the opportunity to fully top off the kids sugar levels by baking a valentines cake for dessert.      And it’s true that even though I enjoyed seeing the sights of Thunder Bay and spending time with our friends, east, west, north, south, being at home is always the best!

4 thoughts on “Kakabeka Falls

    • Jason and I hadn’t gotten away for a weekend in ages so it was so nice. The best part is that you remember that you are a person apart from your kids… I think I forget that sometimes. 🙂

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