Catch-up notes…

So we found out something interesting Saturday night… we found out that if a boy runs to his room, trips on his closet door and goes head first into his brothers bedpost, he will crack his head open and have to go to the hospital and get 5 stitches!  True story.      It was Erik… and he’s the one out of all my kids that takes getting hurt the most seriously.   On the way to the hospital while he was shaking like a leaf he said pitifully.. “I always thought this was something that would happen to someone else… not me!”  But he was a trooper through the whole thing and it really helps that I can use a trip to the Dollar Store as a bribe – he took me up on that already by the way.

And then Monday we enjoyed ‘Family day’ as the bedroom and bathroom we’re renovating in the basement was being dry-walled.   Nothing like some hammering and banging going on in the background to make a day extra-special. 🙂  But I’m not complaining,  because as anyone knows who has lived through a renovation, getting that project done is what it’s all about!   And I’m so looking forward to having our bathroom downstairs back… well back is not the right word…  completely and utterly replaced would be more appropriate.   It will be wonderful where the last one was awful and it’s worth the mess and noise right now.

And I don’t know why I haven’t been blogging like I should be… other than to say that February has been busy.   Can I really be saying that?   I used to look forward to February, the month where nothing happens and you have time to do the things you want to do.    That’s what I used to think,  but the days keep slipping by so fast that I just don’t seem to have the time for all the things I would like to do, let alone the things that should be getting done…  spring cleaning anyone?

I have been finding time to do some more crocheting however.  It’s funny that I  always find a way to sneak in reading of novels  or some pet project even when things are busy.   Perhaps it plays a small part in keeping my sanity… but here is a hat I crocheted recently…

And thanks to my neighbour who showed me how her hat worked… the flower is removable… fun huh?

So that’s what’s been going on with us… a little bit of exciting… alot of boring… but at least now I’m caught up!

2 thoughts on “Catch-up notes…

  1. Hey Leanne! I made that hat to give away to someone at church, but I have one just like it for me. But I’m enjoying crocheting so much now that I’m going to do hats for the girls next!

    And I’ve been enjoying your blog… way to go on all the new posts!!!

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