Four things I would recommend….

1.   If you like reading blogs, I would recommend my friend Christa’s blog over at Sodemanland.    She is a mom and a deep thinker (definitely deeper than I!) and her blog is thought provoking and honest.   She posts a wide variety of things to keep it interesting and it certainly keeps you coming back for more.

2.  If you own a central vac and have a sock on your hose –  I would recommend that you take that sock off the hose and wash it more than once every 6 years.  If you do happen to leave the sock on for 6 years and then decide to wash it, it will  be so dirty that the rinse water will practically turn to mud and you will marvel at the fact that every time you were trying to clean your floors by vacuuming them you weren’t helping the cause by dragging this horridly dirty object all over them.  ( I wouldn’t have any experience in this area… none whatsoever.)

3.  If you like to read, I would highly recommend reading the book “Lies Women Believe and then Turth that sets them free“.  An amazing book by  Nancy Leigh DeMoss.     The basic premise is that Satan who is the father of all lies, first started testing his wares on Eve in the garden of Eden and look what he accomplished.   He’s still lying to us now and telling us things like ‘I need a husband to be happy’ or that ‘If my circumstances were different I would be different’ and a biggie… ‘I can’t control my emotions’.    She points out that these are lies… all LIES!!!!   It’s time to combat those lies with the truth –  the truth that’s found in the Bible – God’s word.  It’s a very freeing book.

4.  My last recommendation for today…. if you have a sore throat that goes on for a week – and you go to the doctor after 6 days and she doesn’t think it’s strep because even though your throat is fire-engine red she doesn’t see any pus (yuk!).   I would recommend going home and mixing 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water, then gargling a tablespoon or so of this liquid once every hour for a full day (swallowing a bit at the end – oh don’t give me that – you’ll survive).   And if you are oh-so-fortunate like myself,  that annoyingly very sore throat might completely disappear!!

So there you go… I think I like this recommending things, it might just become a regular feature. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Four things I would recommend….

  1. Lisa. You are too nice!

    Ewww about the sock. And I should really get your advice on my central vac, I’m still not using it. Supposedly its a great system, but the suction is so pathetic… I’m confused.

    and yes… LOVE that book! Though I’m still mulling over that “lie” about family size, not sure if I’m on board with her for that one. What does constitute right reasoning in determining family size?

    AND… so very glad your throat is improving! You should have a wheat free cookie to celebrate! 🙂

    Love you!

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