William & Ellie…

This sweet story started back when William was almost 1 years old and we were going on a road-trip.    The kids were already buckled in their car seats when on a whim I ran inside for a stuffed animal for each boy to accompany them on the trip.   As fate would have it I randomly grabbed a blue elephant for William and that was that, a beautiful friendship was born.

From then on William and his elephant (or ‘Ellie’) were inseparable…

and wherever William went Ellie went too.   She matches the colour of his eyes…

And if her one fault is that she tends to act like a big micro-fibre dust rag, well, it just meant I had to sneak her away from William every so often so she could have a bath.

He loves her so much and that has led to another problem… we’ve discovered it’s best if you never mention to William that Ellie won’t be going to heaven with him whenever God calls him home.   The poor guys gets very upset and refuses to be comforted.   But at this point I decided it’s best to leave that conundrum in God’s very capable hands.

But all this love has been hard on Ellie and even though William doesn’t suck his thumb anymore, Ellie is still very important to him.   So when William asked me a few week ago if I would fix Ellie’s tail which was in tatters…

I couldn’t put it off and promised I would fix it.

But how?

Well I thought and thought and went online searching for how to fix a stuffed animal, tried to convince William that Ellie needed a whole new tail, but he just wouldn’t hear of it.     So since I was stuck with fixing the old one, major surgery was the only way.

I washed Ellie,  opened her up, got the tail out, opened it all up and hand-sewed a patch on the end.   Then thankfully was able to sew it all up again with my sewing machine, re-stuffed Ellie, fixed a few more  things on her and voila,  she’s in one piece again!

And yes, I took a picture of Ellie’s butt just so I could show you her new tail.  Doesn’t she look chipper again?

William was very grateful to have Ellie restored in one piece – even though I didn’t re-stuff her poor legs… but that was going to be a little to time intensive and he didn’t seem to mind.

So now that I’ve finished that Ellie story,  I can move on to this one…

in short, the high-light of my day.   A snugly, yummy, little kissable Ellie (really Eliana).

She’s the daughter of my friend Melissa and she and her mom and her sister’s came for a visit today.    She is almost 2 months old and she’s already smiling and trying to communicate and is just oh-so-sweet.

Thanks Melissa for letting me snuggle your Ellie today!

One thought on “William & Ellie…

  1. Good repair job! I can’t get over how blue his eyes are! What a sweet little man… they are growing up too fast!!!!! It’s just killing me lately how fast time is going.

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