What a gift!

I think I have to take back every negative thing I’ve ever said about March.  This March has made me forget all the cold miserable Marchs I’ve lived through in year’s past and is softening my heart for this month that isn’t winter and isn’t spring.   I can’t believe how amazing the weather has been this March break!   So sunny and warm, it’s been a wonderful gift – especially when there are 4 active children to be kept busy.

Wednesday we took advantage of the beautiful day to go visit my friend Christa and her kids.  After she fed us lunch we went to Longwoods conservation area and visited the Ska-Nah-Doht Village and Museum which was very cool.

Sarah worked on some fire-lighting skills.

Erik – the guy who is always hungry – practiced his corn grinding skills.

Will liked the bow… of course… he would have been a wonderful hunter.

And Sophia… Sophia just practiced being cute.

Then it was off to see the longhouses and the different aspects of the village…

Everything was really cool.

And then we were off to a 50’s diner to crack Will’s tooth…. uh… that’s not what we MEANT to do, we meant to just go and get root-beer floats, but just after I snapped this pic….

Will banged his face into the table, cut his lip and put a hair-line crack in one of his front teeth – which are already his permanent ones… OUCH!!   Thankfully after seeing the dentist yesterday there is a good chance that it might never be an issue  so that’s what we are praying for!

But even with that little hiccup we had a wonderful day, enjoyed being out and exploring in the sunshine and it was just another reminder that God always takes care of us.

And then we were doubly blessed because we got to go out again yesterday when our friend Kim invited us to her place out in the country.   She fed us lunch as well and keep us entertained all day and then took us to show us baby lambs and chickens and cows and horses to boot!  ( And I got to buy farm fresh eggs which we had for dinner – it just doesn’t get better than that)

So I have to say for a week in March – we are very blessed!

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