From hot to cold…

So in a matter of days we’ve gone from unseasonably warm weather where you might see this before bedtime…

To a little more seasonable weather which resulted in this tonight before bed…

Now the hat wasn’t really warranted, but I got Sarah to get Soph one because it was a touch chilly out and her hair was wet from her bath.  Sarah got her mitts as well, not because Sophia needed them, probably more because Sarah herself looked like this…

Which allowed me to recall that Sarah is rather seasonably challenged.  I had flash-backs to last year where I had to remove every item of winter clothes from her dresser so that she wouldn’t wear jeans and long-sleeve t-shirts in July.

This past week felt like June even though it was till March,  and even though I got Sarah into jean shorts one day for school, she still paired them with her brown suede boots, a scarf and mitts.

Like I said, seasonably challenged… and unfortunately maybe a bit challenged in the style department as well, but there are some things that are NOT worth fighting over.

When it was hot this past week my kids consumed popsicles  like they were going out of style.   So when Sarah expressed an interest in making some I went hunting and found this on All…  strawberry lemonade ice-pops.   Very easy and everyone here loved them!!  They are definitely going to become a summer staple so I’m glad they are easy to make.    And apart from the sugar in the lemonade, these contain no artificial colour or flavour or preservatives and that’s always a huge plus!

So we enjoyed the hot, but are now not minding the cold.    Now that the kids are hooked I guess we’ll be eating popsicles from now to Thanksgiving.   And with the lull in the heat I thankfully have some time to set Sarah straight in the being seasonably fashionable department!

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