More Easter pics…

Warning!  This post is pic heavy… but I don’t think the grandparents will mind. 🙂

Easter celebrations actually started a week ago Sunday when we celebrated birthdays and Easter and my side of the family.  All three of my brothers and their families were there and it was great to have everyone together.   Here are some of the cousins waiting for their dinner…  some and not all… there are 12 cousins in all!

And here is my littlest niece on my side of the family, but she won’t be the littlest for long.  It’s very exciting but my middle brother and his wife are expecting number 2 any day.  And more babies is great in my books!

And then yesterday afternoon we were off to Jason’s parents for the annual Easter egg hunt graciously put on by the Easter bunny (a.k.a. Grandpa and grandma.) 🙂

Another great Easter come and gone with just the chocolate left, but it’s disappearing fast as well!

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