Did you know….

That William had a birthday and turned 7 years old April 1st?

And that his mommy who loves him insanely is just posting about it today, April 12?

Well she is, and she’s embarrassed that she didn’t do a post in honour of her second son sooner.  Thankfully I don’t think he’s  affected by it at all.

We celebrated his birthday 3 times, once with friends, one with my family and then again with Jason’s family, so he had all the cake and presents and party a little boy could wish for.

He’s growing up so fast!  One upon a time I had a baby boy who looked like this…

and then I just happened to turn around and saw this…

He’s hard working, he’s a saver, he’s the most amazing big brother to Sophia.  He’s a thinker and a cuddler and a leader and has so many friends it’s a bit over-whelming at times.  But most of all he loves God and his family, and Jason and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

We love you William!

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