4-Wheelers and a Baby

Doesn’t that just sound like it should go together, 4-wheelers and babies?  What a perfect combination.  But that is what this past Sunday was all about for us.   My middle brother John  and his wife had their second daughter and so we made the journey home to see them.

Here he is holding his baby daughter.  Isn’t she a sweetie?  Here’s one a little closer…

So now on my side of the family there are 13 grandchildren made up of  7 boys and 6 girls… almost even!

And because we were already in the area and because the kids were longing to go visit my youngest brother  Dan, we arranged to spend some time his family and his four wheelers.  And to be honest it isn’t their little cousins or my brother’s charm that’s the draw,  I’m pretty sure it’s the 4-wheelers.   And they are pretty lucky because they got all the time they wanted on them and more.

Here is Erik riding around the house…

And William’s turn seen here with my brother with his son on the big one.

And you may ask how I felt when my boys were riding… and to be honest I felt mostly fine.  You know, there is always that bit in you that wants to keep your kids wrapped up in downy blankets and kept somewhere safe, but I have that tiny bit of thrill seeker in me and I can’t not allow them to do these sort of things that I myself love to do.  But you can be guaranteed that my boys will approach a dirt-bike with my blessing….. oh no… if I have my way they will NEVER get near one of those death traps, NEVER.

And I’m so dad-gum mad I didn’t get a pic of my nephew riding his little 4-wheeler, oh-so-cute.   We tried Sarah on that one because it has a kill-switch on a remote just in case.  But in her case that kill-switch came into play too many times so we decided Sarah best to keep to this…

Slow and steady is the name of the game here.   Because it is a bit of a trick to learn how to adjust the speed, steer and LOOK where you are going.  I think she may have had trouble with the first two and never did catch on to the third part – which also happens to be the most important.

We had such a great day with family.   It almost makes us want to move back home and buy some land and get us some 4-wheeler’s of our own.  Almost.

2 thoughts on “4-Wheelers and a Baby

    • Thank-you! And I know 4 wheelers are crazy, but as you can see from the pictures, it was a kid size one and the boys did really well and I didn’t have one moment of angst… thankfully!

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