Happy Birthday Sophia!

Yesterday Sophia turned 3.  She could hardly wait, in fact the night before her birthday she was saying as I was tucking her in, “But I want to be 3 right now!”.     And all I wanted to say to her was, “I just want you to stay the way you are now forever!”

But that’s just because we love so many things about this little girl.  How she likes to be pretty, how she loves to cuddle and how she adores William,  how she misses Sarah when she’s not around and how she bosses around Erik even though he’s 6 years older than her.   We like how she pronounces ‘Suburban’, ‘ba-burvan’.  We love how she wants her ‘guy-guy’ when she’s tired or upset and how much she loves people and is always ready to give us hugs and how if she even has a 5 minute nap she won’t be ready to fall asleep at night until 10:00 pm.   Adorable.

So no wonder we enjoyed celebrating her birthday and letting her be the special little girl for the day.  And she loved it all.   She loved all her gifts and spending time with grandma and getting to pick out her most gorgeous Hello Kitty build-a-bear.   Who knew heads on a stuffed animal could be so big…

Good grief, its head is bigger than Sophia’s!  But she loves it and that’s the main thing.

And we loved eating pizza and cake with her and singing Happy birthday and having a great evening with Jay’s family and just spending time with her and with everyone.

We’ve been blessed by her  for these 3 yeas and in all honesty, I am looking forward to loving her as she grows up.

We love you Sophia, Happy Birthday!

May Notes

Wow, another post from me and it hasn’t been a month since the last one!      I know I’ve been treating this blogging business very shabbily, but things are looking up because blog ideas are slowly working their way into my head again and I’m feeling the urge to let them out.   And I enjoy blogging when I have time to do it, but these days time seems elusive, and extra time, well that’s almost non-existent.

But thankfully there was time last weekend to go to the cottage for the Victoria Day long weekend.  I love the first visit of the season where we catch up with all our friends we haven’t seen all year and we get re-acquainted with the cottage and the beach.    This year the upper cottage is getting a major kitchen renovation so Jason and his dad were busy with that all weekend,  so it meant that the kids and I had to suffer on the beach without him, enjoying some amazing May beach weather while daddy slugged it out in the cottage.      And even though I’m sure he would have loved to have spent more time with us, he’s never been a guy who can say no to a project, so one more project on the go, here we come!

Here are the few pictures I took – I have a very real fear of getting sand in my camera so that hopefully explains the lack of beach shots.

It was so nice of Grandma to come up and suffer with us with our lack of running water on Monday, but we took the kids to the market which they just love because they just can’t resist the allure of junk.  Here is the new and improved Sophia…

Complete with new shades, bracelet and ring.     Definitely things on the must-have list for 3 year olds this season.

And then before we knew it we were home again.  But the nice weather has made our pool nice and warm much earlier this year then normal and so we’ve been swimming after school everyday which has been a huge bonus.

And we’re not the only ones who are enjoying our pool this year.  We seem to be co-habitating with wild-life as a pair of ducks have moved in.  And not only  have made themselves at home, but decided that my flower bed would make a great nesting place… ACK!

You only see the daddy duck here, because mama duck is sitting on her eggs.    Silly ducks.  You can’t raise ducklings in a pool!   I read today that baby ducks can drown in a pool because they can’t get out, so I’m a little concerned for the future, but I guess we’ll see how nature plays this one out.     Mama duck  is pretty good about staying put when we are in the pool, she was sitting on her eggs all day today,  and just leaves in the evening to go eat and hang out at the local stream, which is where she SHOULD have built her nest.    But hopefully when the ducklings are hatched that is where she will move them.  And if she doesn’t I imagine that we might have to intervene and help them all there.   This should all  be interesting, I’ll keep you posted.

And talking about babies,  I fell kinda hard for this one this week…

My newest niece about 5 weeks old.  So cute, so snuggly and of all my nieces and nephews so far reminded me the most of  my babies,  and it just felt so nice holding that sweet little bundle.

So I think we are caught up so far for May.  Sophia’s birthday in on Tuesday, so there will definitely be a birthday post coming your way soon!

The month of May

May… I love so many things about May.   May is the month where we open our pool.  And  even if it aways starts out looking like a not-so-attractive pond,  it only takes a few days to look way better.

May also has 5 family birthday’s in it, including 2 people that live here so that means lots of cake.    And May also contains Mother’s Day!  Yahoo for Mother’s day!   I have a wonderful Mother who has always loved me unconditionally, has supported me through everything and been an amazing example of what a godly mother should be.  And so it’s never a chore celebrating her.

And now that I’m a mother,  I love how on Mother’s Day the kids make an effort to tell you how they feel.   I love getting their cards and Erik made me another Wordel this year…

Oh it makes me smile, to think that this is how I appear in my 8 year old’s eyes… it actually makes me humble and gives me the desire to actually live up to these things that he sees!

But what made me smile the most Mother’s Day morning was the gift that I received from Jason and the kids.  My very own….

Makita cordless vacuum!!!!

And before you other moms groan and roll your eyes because I received a ‘tool’ for Mother’s Day, let me assure you that I’ve been asking for one of these for years and I love it!   And I think that it’s especially cool that my sweetie-pie went out and got me a Makita which is the brand that he uses for all his tools.   He buys quality tools for himself and he extended that honour to me and I think it’s so cool that our tools match.

And now I can quickly vacuum up little messes in the house and car and what housewife wouldn’t be thrilled with that?  Well maybe it’s a large quantity of kids making messes thing, because I can assure you that for this mom of 4 it will be a life-saver.

Oh – and other great thing about May is that it has a long weekend in it and that’s this coming weekend.   There are just so many things to love about May!

Happy Birthday Hon!

I’m interrupting my long bleak spell of no blog postings to say a big Happy Birthday to my husband of almost 14 years.  He’s such a great guy, a wonderful husband and a fantastic father and sometimes we just feel like the luckiest family in the world.    Here he is tonight with the kids….

Who all just adore their biggest play-mate with his teddy-bear heart.

A wise person once said that in a marriage there is probably going to be about 80% of things that you love about your spouse and about 20% of things that you could do without – but the trick is to enjoy the 80% and figure out how to make the most of the 20%.

Thankfully in my case with Jay the 20% is not all that rough going and the 80% keeps me coming back for more. 🙂   I’m one lucky girl.

Happy Birthday Jason!!!