Never a dull moment…

So we all know that there is a ton of crap on the internet…  and by crap I mean all things horrible and filthy and stuff you wouldn’t want your precious children to go near with a 10 foot pole.   Well I’ve known this and known that I should do something about it for ages…. but apparently I wasn’t that worried about it because  I was pretty sure that my kids were sticking to safe sites and I knew that Google filters our searches and everything had been fine up until then.

Until last week that is.    That’s when one of our children had a close call when they tried to type in a web address instead of Googling something and ended up on a less than appropriate site.   And by less appropriate, I mean a site intended for adult eyes only, thankfully though with NO pictures of people.     I think Jason and I pretty much had heart-attacks and prayed that our child would not be traumatized and would forget the whole thing and praise the Lord I’m  pretty He answered our prayers and all is forgotten.

So that was a huge motivator to protect our computer with an internet filter and I’m happy to say it’s done.   I’m sure there are a ton of good programs out there but we choose a program called K9 by Blue Coat protection because it was recommended to us by a friend and it’s free and easily adjustable and makes a barking sound when you stumble on a site that you shouldn’t be on which I think is a nice touch.   And I can block out words you can’t even search on our computer… whew…. it feels good to be in a state of total lock-down.   I would highly recommend it.

But what I couldn’t clamp down on this week was Sophia in the grocery store on Monday.   Here it is the month of June and for some freakish reason she’s trying to sing “Jingle Bells” at the top of her lungs.  And then she says to me that she can’t remember the words and wants me to sing it.    Now a little info on shopping with Sophia.  She is a great shopper, a happy shopper, but to keep her happy she does need to be humored occasionally.  And since she gets dragged around shopping a lot I don’t mind the odd humouring of her.

So, did I humour her by singing ‘Jingle Bells’ to her in the crowed grocery store?   You bet I did… quietly of course, to her chagrin.   She kept telling me to sing it louder.    Thankfully we only met with smiles, but before I felt completely ridiculous I was able to distract her and we moved on other things.  Phew…

So I have to say of all the things we seems to deal with here on a weekly basis, some things are huge and some are small, some makes us laugh and some make us cry, but there is certainly never a dull moment with our little crew!

One thought on “Never a dull moment…

  1. Soph is so cute. I would have enjoyed listening to your June rendition of Jingle Bells. 🙂 And I also appreciated the kick in the pants to better protect our kids from easy, too private internet access on the iPad!

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