Playing Hookey

Last week was the kids last week of school.   But they weren’t there to enjoy it.   Instead of tarmac and portables, my kids were feasting their eyes on this…

That’s right campers, we pulled our kids out of school for the very last week and went to the cottage and  it was one of the best decisions we ever made.   In fact, when I told all the kids teachers what our plans were earlier in June, they all looked at me without hesitation and said ‘No problem!”.    Report cards are done,  things are all wrapped up and they are basically just trying to keep the kids busy so it was no skin off of their back.

So don’t tell anyone but we would love to make this a habit.  🙂

We went to our favourite town and hiked on our favourite trails and even played at our favourite park.

Sarah found a little someone who I’m sure she wished was real…

And I got my picture taken!  I was there, on vacation with my family really!

And then we got to celebrate Erik’s birthday there!   Our boy is 9!

Erik does the best reactions when he opens gifts.

And who wouldn’t have a face like that if you were 9 and opening up a model rocket from your grandpa.   And then on his actually birthday a plane from Oma and Opa…

And we celebrated with the traditional birthday pumpkin pie which was delicious even in June and it’s just so great to see this child of ours growing up and he makes me proud.

So enjoying family, the lake, friends and July the 1st with the most enjoyable, most random display of fireworks I’ve ever seen in my life,  made this little extra vacation we snuck in one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever had.

It pays to play hookey.

2 thoughts on “Playing Hookey

  1. Thanks Katherine! Just over 9 years ago you welcomed him in the world and it’s so sad that you won’t be there in December to welcome this little one. I hope you are staying cool too!

  2. I can’t believe Erik is already nine. Glad to hear he had a great BD!
    Best wishes and hope you are staying cool.

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