I have energy but I don’t know where it is…

That could be my life story right now, but it wasn’t me who said it, it was Sophia.   I was remarking to her one evening that I didn’t have any energy and asked her if she did and she said she did, but didn’t know where it was.  And that’s probably the truth for her as  I would never call Sophia a rambunctious child.  Loud yes, bossy yes, but not an over-expender of energy like some other children in this house such as William.

So I’ve been asking myself a crazy question all week and it’s been this… why not sandbox?   Why isn’t sand sculpting part of the Olympics?  you see,  I’ve enjoyed watching the bits and pieces of the Olympics that I’ve managed to squeeze in.  And it seems that most of the sports are all just glorified things that we grew up doing in our backyards, such as trampoline, swimming, running etc.  But as far as I’m concerned there is a huge hole where sand sculpting should be.

I personally would love to tune in to see Canada in line for the gold in the final sculpting competition, who wouldn’t?  But I know, I know, it’s never going to happen, and I’m kinda dumb for even suggesting this,  especially when there is no real athletic ability involved in sand-sculpting.   Well except for stamina when completing an extra challenging sculpture, and then there is the strength needed to carry big pails of damp sand and then you need to be agile to reach and sculpt.   See, it could work.  And then there is the artistic element involved just like in synchronized swimming, which has is traveled leaps and bounds from girls swimming together in  a pool to costumes and lots of make-up, obviously there are stories that need to be told.

I just think I would enjoy watching it, that’s all.    And then I could say that these were my little athletes in training…

This is where they started in the morning, but by the afternoon it had progessed to this…

With a shoulder hug and everything.  Well on their way to gold in my books.    But if sand-sculpting is just another  Oylmpic dream that will never come true… a sport that will never rub shoulders with the likes of bike racing, fencing or beach volley-ball,  maybe a little friendly sidewalk chalk competition?

Well it’s a mute point in my book anyway, I’m still out looking for my energy.

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