First Day of School…

So it’s come and gone, the first day of school.  Two weeks ago I was dreading the kids going back, I was enjoying the freedom of having them home and not having to go anywhere or do anything.   But then in the past week I started to look forward to routine again, and as it always seems to happen I think the kids were ready to get back into the swing of things again too.

Here they are, first day of school, all ready and eager and anxious…

I could probably say that William was eager and Erik was anxious and Sarah probably a bit of both.

But I was very pleased with their teachers for the year… my strategy is to start praying in June that my kids will get the teacher that they need and every year God has blessed us with great teachers so I’m so thankful to Him, it takes a huge load of stress off.

Erik is always my most nervous, but other than some hastily wiping away of a few tears he got in line for his new class and at the end of the day was quite cheerful,  he liked his teacher and he’s not in a portable anymore!

William said his teacher was really nice and fun, probably the best praise you can get from a 7 year old boy.  And Sarah had a good day back with her teachers from last year whom she adores.

Sophia was hilarious, after we were leaving the school and getting back into the vehicle, she asked if we were leaving the kids  there,  and when we said yes, she said, “Hurrah!”  Little turkey.

Back into routine, here we come!

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