A story of God’s faithfulness…

Our pastor Norm sent this video clip to us today.  He found it and then thought of us, but this family has had so much more to bear.    Their oldest daughter is 6 and is living with Turner’s Syndrome with many health issues, and then they have two healthy daughters and then their 4th daughter Ava just passed away this year at the age of one.

And the video is sad, and it made me cry.  But what makes it worth is seeing is how a family that should be coming apart at the seams is instead talking about how good God is and how His strength is what is making the difference.

And it’s hard to watch the difficult things that people have to go through… but thankfully when those people are trusting God it’s not just a sad story anymore, it’s transformed into an amazing reminder of God’s faithfulness.

It’s definitely worth watching!

One thought on “A story of God’s faithfulness…

  1. Wow…hard not to shed tears of both sorrow and joy watching that! God is SO very good!!! Thanks for sharing.
    “For great is his steadfast love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever” (Ps 117:2)

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