Pumpkin Fun

Wow – its November already, where did October go?    We certainly enjoyed October, with Thanksgiving and the fall leaves and the constant rain… well maybe not the constant rain… but even that couldn’t keep my kids spirit’s down two nights ago… they were all pumped up and raring to go like they are every year.

And of course we had a complete cast of characters all ready to go…  plus another two since we were so happy to have my friend Christa join us with her two kids.

So we had a ninja…

And a Lego ninja… great minds definitely think alike…

our very own Minion…

and a pirate princess who looks so impressed to be getting her picture taken.  Ahoy there matey…


And two sweet little princesses.

They had a wonderful time in spite of the cold and rain and even though they didn’t stay out as long as in other years, they still brought back more than enough candy as far as I was concerned!

But the biggest hit of the night was Jason’s pumpkins…

I didn’t realize my husband was such an overachiever!  But he did a wonderful job and everyone that came certainly enjoyed them as well!

Here are a few up close..

Darth Vader…

an angry bird…

and my favourite… just a little fuzzy unfortunately, a hello kitty for the girls.

And when did he have time to carve these all?  Well the night before, my dear friend Kim around the corner invited all the neighbours to a pumpkin carving party!   We had a blast!

Kim in one of those amazing people who has the amazing ability to bring everyone together.  If every neighbourhood had a Kim, I would guarantee you would know all your neighbours and have a wonderful time getting together with them, it’s a huge blessing.   And she gives great mom hugs to my kids…

So while I enjoyed my time indoors near the food,  the dads were hard at work in the garage carving those pumpkins…

I know they had a good time.  Well I’m mostly sure, I didn’t spend a whole lot of quality time in the garage that night.   I’m not ashamed to say to say that  I did not touch even the tiniest pumpkin this year, but left it all in Jason’s capable hands.  And look at what an amazing job he did!

So that was the end of October for us.  Full of friends and food and fun times, and now it’s November.   Just over a month to enjoy being at home with the kids before we go to Toronto.  So even though I’ve never actually made a point of trying to enjoy the month of November, I think this year I will definitely try.

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