So happy to share…

Some sneak peeks – 3D pics of our little Birdy!

These are from the MRI that I had and I just can’t get over them and how familiar she looks.   I think that she might even be sucking her thumb!

She looks like Erik from the profile…  then she looks like Sophia when she is sucking her thumb, and her long torso and feet remind me of William, and seeing her curled up reminds me of Sarah.

It makes me that much more anxious and excited to meet her –  by this time next week she might be here,  which is something to look forward too.

God bless you my little Birdy!

10 thoughts on “So happy to share…

  1. That is pretty incredible! I do see some resemblance as well! Very cool. You are all in my prayers, Lisa. Here for you guys if you need ANYTHING! xox

  2. WOW! That is an incredible ultrasound image!!

    Praying for you like crazy, Lisa. We are all here for you and your family – never hesitate to ask for anything… we love you so much!!!

    Looking forward to meeting this little lady! James 1:17 – she is an absolutely perfect, precious gift of God!!

    Lots of love!!

  3. Hi Lisa & Jason,Been following your blog.And praying God will give you a miracle as you look forward to meeting your little birdie ,love ,aunt Margaret:)

  4. Wow, those are incredible pictures! So nice to get a sneak peak of her. Hope you are able to have a restful week before her arrival.

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