An update…

So things are going pretty good here… sweet little Ava is mostly comfortable and has been looked after by some of the nicest nurses I’ve ever met (and I’ve met alot of nice nurses in my time).   She isn’t getting fed right now because they don’t want anything in her stomach for surgery – plus digestion would draw too much blood flow, so she is being kept comfortable by a soother and some sugar orally when she is fussy.   The only draw-back is that once in a while she forgets to breath and turns blue and her blood-saturation levels drop – it’s unfortunately a side-effect of her medication.   It’s also too bad it happened twice when I was holding her!  I think she just got too relaxed because it was mommy holding her and just forgot that breathing is essential to life. 🙂  Thankfully the surgery will fix that.

And tomorrow is the big day.  She is scheduled to have surgery in the morning – the big one – the Norwood procedure which is typically a 6 hour surgery on which she will be on the heart and lung machine – our sweet little Birdy.  But we are so thankful that the cardiologists were able to make this decision – because it looked for a while like we would have some input deciding if we wanted her to have the Norwood of a different Hybrid procedure, and we just don’t know enough to have any say in something as important as that.

But can I just say how incredibly blessed we are?   From having a condo to stay at in Toronto,  to our amazing friends and family who are supporting us and caring for our children and looking after every detail for us.  To having a church come together and pray for us like you saw in that picture Christa posted below…  God is showing us just how much He cares for us,  we just keep tearing up every time we think about it.

And it’s not easy being here – but today we checked into the Ronald MacDonald House and it’s amazing… and it’s just one more thing to be thankful for.

So thank-you all for your prayers and comments and encouragement,  we won’t forget it.

And remember – surgery tomorrow morning!


12 thoughts on “An update…

  1. Good morning guys 🙂
    You are all being lifted high in prayer this morning!!!!
    God is the greatest Healer and He is holding Ava and you all in the palm of His hand – no better place to be!!!!
    Love you guys!!!

    Natalie & David

  2. It’s about 3:30 am (your time) and I just wanted to let you know that we’ll be praying today as she heads in for surgery — for her, the docs, for you, for SO many things. I am so touched by your grateful heart in all of this. Hang in there!!

  3. She’s adorable & looks really strong.
    We’ve been thinking about you a lot over the last few days (and months). We wish all the best for a successful & smooth surgery for Ava.
    Sending lots of love,
    Sheila & Will

  4. Thanks for updates! I’m so glad everything is going good so far. Use this time to dra close to our great God and to each other!! Love ya!

  5. When I was at church on Sunday, I wondered if your church would be praying for you. Wow! The pictures gave me goosebumps. How privileged we are to be part of God’s family.
    Praying for you guys tomorrow – the waiting will be hard – and of course for Ava.

  6. She’s a cutie! And looks really strong!
    Will and I have been thinking about you guys and your family a lot!
    We wish the best for her surgey tomorrow!
    Sending lots of love!

    Sheila & Will

  7. Lisa & Jason, we will have you both in our thoughts all day tomorrow!! Congrats on beautiful Ava. She is so gorgeous.

    Sending strength and love from the Plowright’s!

  8. Wow, so glad to hear she is doing pretty good! We’ll be praying for little Ava tomorrow morning! Maybe we’ll come down and stop by if things aren’t too busy up here. Waiting during surgery seems like forever! And Leo’s was only 3 hours. Feel free to visit us, too. We are in 4-D right now. Keep leaning on the Lord!

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