She’s out of surgery…

She is out of surgery!

We just talked to the surgeon and he said they did the surgery they set out to do – he wasn’t super optomistic or happy – just said that now we wait and see what the next few days bring.

But just the fact that she made it through is enough for right now.

From here on in we will just be greatful for every minute that we get with her.

And if she survives, she will be my hero… imagine a 2 day old baby going through a 6 hour surgery, it blows my mind.

Thank you Lord for carrying her through the valley!!!

19 thoughts on “She’s out of surgery…

  1. Was thinking and praying all through out the day! So proud of you and Jason and your continued strength through all of this. May HIS peace wrap around you! xoxo

  2. You have a strong daughter, Lisa! Praise the Lord! We have been praying and will continue to pray for Ava as she recovers from surgery!

  3. Lisa, someone sent me the link to your blog…… our hearts are with your and your Jason. I have been praying for Ava since I first heard on Dec. 2. Praying for healing and strength, and God’s glory to be evident to the medical staff and that some will come to him. I believe in prayer with all my heart so will continue to uphold Ava before our loving and generous heavenly Father.

    Love you lots.
    Nancy and Dave

  4. Thank you Lord for protecting little Ava through surgery!
    We are continuing to pray for her and for you guys. Thank you so much for the updates. What a privilege it is to be standing beside you as a sister in Christ through prayer.

  5. God is presiding over every little moment of Ava’s life! Love how you used Psalm 23 and that scripture is your sustenance right now. We are standing and praying and kneeling with you guys! Much love and hugs. Wish I was there with you.

  6. Praise God that she came through surgery! What a precious (and strong!) little girl you have there! Will continue to pray for her over next hours/days!
    Thanks for taking the time to update!
    You are loved! 🙂

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