Walking through the valley…

Psalm 23 came to mind this morning as I was holding Ava before surgery…  I really feel like today we are walking through the valley where death is lurking in the shadows, but praise the Lord that His light is also shining there as well and He is comforting us. 

It was terribly difficult holding her this morning and the sending her off,  but she is in God’s hands, and like Isaiah 40 says…

He will tend his flock like a shepherd;
    he will gather the lambs in his arms;
he will carry them in his bosom,

That’s where she is as she is going through this valley, gathered safely in God’s arms, and that knowledge comforts us, but this is also probably the most difficult day of our entire lives. 

OK – but here is a cool thing, her surgeon is also a concert pianist.   Somehow that is incredibly comforting.  This man’s brain is obviously in a whole different realm and I thank God for a surgeon who is that incredibly talented.

So even though it’s a long and risky surgery on a very sick baby, our trust is in God today and we are relying on His strength.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and encouragement and as I hear any news today I promise I will keep you updated.

God bless our little Ava and keep her!





11 thoughts on “Walking through the valley…

  1. Oh, Lisa…thanks for taking the time to post these. I’m sure you must be physically and emotionally exhausted. Please know that you are in my prayers constantly! Love you guys so much and thankful for God’s guiding hand in every step! Love what he is doing in my heart and in our church through this. Sad that Little Ava is bearing the brunt of it-she is a trooper! ♥

  2. Jason and Lisa
    Your family is in our prayers. Matthew mentioned your family and was praying for Ava. Take Care of each other and God’s strength is very evident in your relationship. You are a blessing to all.

  3. I’ve been praying w/o ceasing today…
    This morning I was listening to the Vertical Church CD…particularly the song “Not For A Moment”…b/c it makes me think of you guys…that song always brings me to tears b/c of my thankfulness for God’s faithfulness!

    “After all, You are constant, after all You are only good, after all, You are sovereign, not for a moment will You forsake me”
    “Every step, every breath, You are there. Every tear, every cry, every prayer. In my hurt, at my worst, when my world falls down…not for a moment will you forsake me”
    Praise God! He is faithful and constant and good and sovereign…
    Continuing to pray!!

  4. Lisa, London is truly a small place, and there are so many connections. Please know that there are people who have met you once, and who have heard about your beautiful family through others and they are thinking of Ava, and praying for her.

  5. Praying without ceasing today, especially for you Lisa. Leaving our little ones at the foot of the cross is one of the hardest things to do, but it is the most peaceful, reassuring place to be. Much love to you all! xo

  6. When I was praying for you guys the other day a song came on and it brought me to tears ” Never Once ” by Matt Reddman. His promises are so true. Love you guys and am praying like crazy!!!

  7. Yes, Lisa, God bless your little Ava and keep her and you guys too! You all are so loved and are covered in a very thick blanket of prayer. xo

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