Our bionic baby…

Ava pulled through the night!  And she is doing better than expected, praise the Lord! 

However, she does look rather bionic, I’m not sure there is a square inch of her that doesn’t have a tube or a wire attached, but I’m not complaining, it’s all keeping her alive.

Her little chest cavity is open to help with swelling, and Jason actually saw her little heart beating last night, isn’t that incredible?

She is still on a ventilator and is sedated and muscle relaxed, so she is just lying there, but her circulation is clearly better as her little feet aren’t dusky anymore… it’s all so amazing.

And as the Dr’s explained to Jason last night, they work here in terms of goals for her – not timelines –   goals.  So their goal last night was to wean her off some of the medications that she was on for surgery all while keeping her blood pressure stable, and they met their goal sooner then expected, which is wonderful news and just one more sign that God is still keeping this little one close to His heart.

And it’s hard as a mom to see your baby lying there when all I can do is stroke her head, but I’ve been praying that God would be her comfort right now and I’m trusting in Him,

So now for prayer requests…

Please pray for Jason and I as yesterday really kicked our butts… and I’m actually starting to feel now that I had a baby and it doesn’t feel good.  We need to make sure that we rest and keep up our strength so that we can be here for Ava and not get sick.

Please pray for the right nurses to look after Ava, after a while we can request a core team so I’m looking forward to that, some consitancy would be great.

Please pray that she would remain stable today as they continue to wean her off the medication.  We haven’t seen the dr’s yet today so I don’t know what her goals are, but just continue to pray.

God has been so incredibly faithful and even last night all Jason and I could do was to be thankful for how God is making His presense known in caring for us every step of the way.

And we are thankful for all fo you – you who have been reading this blog and commenting and praying,  it’s a huge encouragment to us, so thank-you!!!