12 thoughts on “the sweetest little birdy

  1. Oh Lisa and Jason what a little bundle of cuteness, she does have a lot of hair! She looks so content in that picture of you holding her:) Thanks for sharing photos, the kids and Dwight and I have been praying for her many times a day, it’s so nice to see her 🙂 We’re praying too that you and Jay are getting some time to sleep and recuperate. Love and hugs ❤

  2. “My God is so big, so strong and so mighty there’s nothing my God can not do!”
    I stumbled across your blog today (a God thing I would say) and my heart is so blessed by the words you have written. THANK YOU!
    Though I may never meet you or your family – please know that brothers and sisters whom you do not know will be praying for your little blessing Ava! The way God works continues to blow me away every day – thank you for your strength, a strength I know that can only come from our loving Father!

  3. Lisa….she is lovely….and…..was truly born into a blessed family! Congratulations and I look forward to a wee cuddle with her sometime in the future. Sending hugs!

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