A little glimps…

Just wanted to give you a peek at what we see when we are sitting at the foot of Ava’s bed….


And yes – there is a baby in there!

We has a great nurse yesterday which put a note on the gauze that is covering her open chest…


It’s just a little thing, but it makes me smile.

I love you my Birdy!!!

4 days old and 2 days in…

It’s hard to remember sometimes that Ava is only 4 days old.   Probably because her birth didn’t inspire the same sort of excitement as my other babies birth’s produced.  This time it was all about keeping her alive, getting her to the hospital and getting her fixed!

And it’s been two days now since her surgery and she’s doing really really well.  And we found out yesterday that they’ve started a new protocol in caring for these single ventricle baby’s after surgery and she’s one of the first benefiting from it and everyone is pretty pumped.

It has to do with the drugs that she receives after surgery and then how they go about weaning them off… and I believe that they weaned her off another drug last night – praise the Lord!   They have to do all this while keeping her blood pressure and heart rate stable.   Last night her heart rate and blood pressure started to go up –  so first off they always are concerned that she might be feeling pain so they give her morphine.  Then when the rate and pressures don’t go down, they know that they have to tweak her meds, so they start turning things down.   So far, it really seems that she is a fighting to keep her pressure up herself which is so wonderful and our praise just keeps going upward to God.

And we were able to start a core team of nurses!   So today again we have a familiar nurse which is wonderful, it’s just better for everyone.  For Jason and I because it inspires confidence when we know that a nurse knows Ava and her history – for the nurses because they also know and it’s good for relationships too.   We keep praying before every shift change that God would place the right nurse for Ava and once again, He has been so incredibly faithful in this.

Boy, are we ever learning how to trust!   And every time we start to worry we just remind each other of how faithful God has been and there is absolutely no reason to doubt now.

One nurse remarked last night how we seem to be coping better than most, so now the challenge is to be able to share why that is and let our faith shine through our lives.

It’s still incredibly hard, I miss my kids like crazy and they miss us too, but everyday we are here is one day closer to going home and I know God will get us through.

Thanks for praying and please continue!!