A little glimps…

Just wanted to give you a peek at what we see when we are sitting at the foot of Ava’s bed….


And yes – there is a baby in there!

We has a great nurse yesterday which put a note on the gauze that is covering her open chest…


It’s just a little thing, but it makes me smile.

I love you my Birdy!!!

8 thoughts on “A little glimps…

  1. That’s a lot to take in but those nurses and doctor’s at sick kids are in it for the right reasons and they will hopefully make your stay more comfortable (if that is possible), and they have Ava’s back or should I say heart!

  2. Thanks for all the updates Lisa!

    Our whole family has been following your updates faithfully and praying for you guys.

    You do have the most adorable “five_wee_Canadians” in your family!

    Praying for continual healing for Ava and strength, wisdom & peace for you & your family.

    The Johnston’s.

  3. Lisa, that is so amazing to see. I just can’t imagine how you guys are doing in all this except that I KNOW that His grace is enough. It really is. And you guys are living proof.

    • I don’t know how the nurses do it Sheila, Ava seems alot of work to me. My respect for your profession has certainly grown by leaps and bounds! The cool part is, they actually have a CCU here, a cardiac critical care which is only for kids with heart issues, so the nurses are even more specialized. We are very blessed!

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