Another machine…

So as of last night, one more machine was added to the already crowded area around Ava’s bed…


An EEG machine. Yesterday she was getting episodes of high blood pressure combined with her heart beating faster which made them wonder if she was having seizures… not huge seizures, but still, never something a parent wants to hear! So they hooked her up to this EEG machine to be monitored for 24 hours.

And so far so good, I was there just now when the dr’s did their rounds and they haven’t seen any sign of seizure activity in the past 12 hours that it’s been hooked up, praise God. And because of this monitoring, she is now off the muscle relaxants which means that she’s moving a bit and twitching today. She is still getting alot of morphine, but at one point she did get quite agitated so they gave her a sedative. But it is still nice to see her move a little instead of her lying there so incredibly still all the time.

And I think today they are going to give her a tiny bit of food – colostrum that I’ve pumped for her – just to get her started, not enough for nutrition. Of course this will all come from a feeding tube, but at least the food is coming from me which make me feel like I at least have a small part in caring for her, it really is so strange having a new-born daughter but not being able to do anything but stand by her bed and talk to her and touch her hand and her head – except now I can’t even touch her head!

Anyway, we are still thankful that she is here. Thankful for all the small mercies that God is providing. And even though I miss my kids like crazy and still find it hard to be in this situation, we are getting through with God’s help, minute by minute, hour by hour.

And soon that darn EEG machine will be out of here so I can at least touch her head again!

6 thoughts on “Another machine…

  1. Lisa and Jason,

    Thinking of you often and upholding you guys in prayer! Praying for continued healing by the GREAT and MIGHTY physician!

  2. Lisa, I can only imagine how tough it must be to not be able to hold her. Thank you again for updating us, Praise God that she is so strong, and that the EKG is showing no seizures. So thankful that she is starting to get food! You guys are amazing!! Love you all!

  3. Not being able to hold your baby or hardly even touch her would be so tough! Thankful with you about the lack of seizures. Continuing to pray, my friend. Blessings and love to you and all of your crew. xo

  4. I know…it’s SO hard not to be able to hold your baby! When Daniel was born he was in NICU and we couldn’t hold him (or I couldn’t nurse) him for a few days…SO hard!!! I’m praying for you!

  5. Lauren (Baby Leo’s mom) mentioned your family and Ava. I pray the LORD lift you in strength and endurance. I pray His hand is over all the care Ava receives and that she is strengthened day by day, minute by minute. I pray for your strength in missing your other kiddos and their unity while all this takes place. I ask the LORD for His will to be done and pray that it is huge recovery and blessings for you all. Amen.
    Take care. Stay strong in the LORD. Eyes focused on Him. Heart trusting Him. You’re in a tough place, but He is able to see you all the way through it. Jenn

  6. You’re an incredible mom Lisa. Blessings on you. Continued prayer for you and sweet Ava. Thank you for your faithful updates so that we can know better how to pray.
    “He is faithful, He is glorious
    He is Jesus, all my hope is in Him
    He is freedom, He is healing right now
    He is hope and joy, love and peace and life.”
    Thank you Lord.

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