Monday morning…

One of the crazy things about having a child in the hospital is that every day is the same.  You wake up, shower, get dressed,  have breakfast,    make your way to the hospital and in our case, sit at the foot of your child’s bed and remain there for most of the day.

What day is it today?  Oh right, Monday.   So today Birdy is doing good, she has lost a lot of fluid which is good, she was so puffy after the surgery she looked like a little sumo wrestler.   They were helping her get rid of the fluid with medication, but now they have stopped those meds and she is still peeing well so that’s wonderful.

The surgeon was on the rounds today and he would like her off her blood pressure medications before he closes her chest up,  so I don’t know how long that is going to be because they tried to take her off those meds yesterday and she didn’t do so well.

See it’s all one huge balancing act.   She is attached to a monitor that shows her heart rate and blood pressure.  These both need to stay in an ideal range, but all the medications she is on either work for against her blood pressure.   Then you add-on things like the ventilator and whether her blood volume is low from them drawing blood from her so often, and so it’s a just a huge numbers game of checks and balances while trying to lower her off of these meds.  I have to give the nurses a huge amount of credit, it’s not an easy job.  Especially when her blood pressure dips and they have to figure out what changed and how to get it back up again.

So we just need to pray, pray that they could continue weaning her off these meds with good results.   As well, until her chest is closed and some of her tubes and catheter and ventilator are removed, she’s a sitting duck for infection… so please pray that she would be protected from infection so we could continue this healing process.

And it is a process and we have to be very patient and that’s what we are trying to be, very patient on this Monday morning.

Thanks again for your support and prayers!

4 thoughts on “Monday morning…

  1. Hey Jay and Lees,
    This must be so very difficult and exhausting. Remain at the foot of our wonderful Saviour! Avery’s prayers tonight were…”God make a miracle happen!” We’re all praying!! We love you guys!! xo

  2. Praying now for miraculous results as they ween her of some medication today. Praying desperately against infection. Praying for wisdom for the doctors and nurses who are treating her, and praying for the peace that passes all understanding. Phil 4:7.

  3. Will be praying for protection from any kind of infection…and that this healing process goes as it should…that the doctors and nurses would continue to have the wisdom to know what to do for Ava.
    You all are continually in our prayers! 🙂
    Blessings…You are loved!

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