We got through this day,  and Ava is doing so much better, praise God!

She stopped bleeding this afternoon and they gave her a blood transfusion and she looks so much better.   And if the bleeding really is done,  they will restart her blood thinners tonight which is another relief.     She looks comfortable, she’s cleaned up, and she seems to be stable again – I say that with a little bit of hesitation, if there is one thing you learn when you are here, it’s cautious optomism. 🙂   But even the chief cardiologist said this afternoon that she looked good, but she still wasn’t out of the woods yet  (I think he meant beacause her chest is still open).

But in regards to that, Ava’s surgeon came by around lunch-time and put this corset thing on her, which they will use to try to close her chest a little every day.  It’s the neatest thing that was designed by a nurse here at Sick Kids,  how cool is that?  I’m hoping that by trying to close her slowly now, they will avoid the shock to her system that the last close caused, and hopefully this time she can stay closed!   It may just take some time to get to that point, maybe 3-10 days.    I know it’s in God’s hands and it’s all in His timing, but you can bet I’ll be praying for the 3 rather than the 10!

And more good news… the kids are coming tomorrow!  Jason surprised them all today, he had his phone on when Sophia saw him so I could hear how she reacted and she squealed!  She was so happy to see her dad.  And then he surprised the other three at the bus stop and I’m not sure I have the facts straight, but I think Jason got tackled.  Thankfully my friends took videos and I can hardly wait to see them.

So it seems our roller-coaster has leveled out for now, I so appreciate everyone’s prayers and support today, it’s been wonderful.   We had a ton of stuff dropped by the house today by our church friends and family for Jason to bring back here with him, and at one point Jason called me in tears just over-whelmed by the generosity of others.   We are so incredibly blessed by all of you!

See, once again God has shown me that that I can trust Him even in the valley’s and He proves Himself over and over, even when my faith is weak.  I just hate how I am so quick to forget!    So please keep reminding me – especially when another dark day comes.

So it’s good to breath a sigh of relief, and followed by that is a yawn, I better get some sleep.

As always, I will keep you posted!


Today is another waiting day.  With the opening and closing yesterday Ava started to bleed from her chest and bled all night so they’ve been having to give her blood.

They have taken her off her blood thiner so that she will clot – but thats a bit risky as she needs blood thinners so that the shunt in her heart doesn’t get clogged up and stays functional.

And then Jason has left now to go home to get the kids so its just me here today and wow – I’m emotional!  🙂

So I’m sitting right now in the Chapel here at Sick Kids because I just had to pray for strength and faith – my feeble human self is getting the best of me but thankfully Isaiah 40 reminded me yet again what an amazing God we serve.

But please pray for Ava and for me today – my heart is hurting for her today – my poor baby having to go through all of this – its hard to watch.

But she is stable now and hopefully we will have some better news towards the end of the day.